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    Dragon’s Hoard IV – Across the Narrow Sea

    WARNING! This chronic includes spoilers and inportant information from the Dragon's Hoard-adventure (although we changed the plot in many aspects).

    Of course the war took little rest while house Blyth of Dragonport had to deal both with its own projects and with the wider situation. And while the King of the North and the Riverlands did have had a lucky strike for some time, more and more bad news was coming in recently. Moat Cailin – a group of half-wrecked towers in the Neck, which could cut the King’s Road into the North off – was just recently taken by a group of attackers. It was so far unknown if that were Ironmen or deserters. This was a heavy blow for any travel and a serious setback for the Northern King, but much less for Dragonport. In fact as long as the road through the Neck was “closed” the sea-trade was very likely destined to become more and more important. Gard kept his ships for eventual actions against pirates – and he also began to gathering information for a possible operation into the Neck to reconquering Moat Cailin. By no means was he eager to take part in such a risky operation, even less after the serious losses his forces had suffered shortly before, but if Robb Stark or the Tully’s ordered such an attack, he was sure that the local houses would be forced to take part, and wanted to be prepared.

    Meanwhile the western coast of the North (and also some shores of the western Riverlands) were raided in force – it seems more and more clear that this was an organized assault, not just a few pirates. Also the main army of the Lannisters under the old lion Tywin was on the march again, and while Roose Bolton slowly advanced southwards and finally took Harrenhal, Tywin seemed to intend to march westward to rescue his own realm from Robb Stark who had attacked the Westlands. According to the letters arriving at Dragonport, Lord Gawan Blyth of Krayenhorn – who was in Robb’s army – found the strategy of the ‘Young Wolf’ a little bit too daring, while his co-commander Vickon Aran was much more enthusiastic.
    Lord Tywins decision was a bold move: While he surely could crush Robb in battle, he risked to be caught between Robb and Bolton (although more and more men in the Riverlands secretly joked about Bolton’s “quick” manoeuvres in the last months). Furthermore, Stannis Baratheon was closing in on King’s Landing by land and very likely also on sea. There were some reports about riots in the capital, although the details remained unclear. The situation for the Lannisters seems even worse than for the North and the ravaged Riverlands.

    But there were also good news on the local level: Meera Blyth of Dragonport was pregnant again, and the same was heard about her recently wed niece Elyssa Fallkirk. Gard was of course very happy about this news, although he secretly feared for his wife, young daughter and the unborn child since “Winter is coming”, and that was never a good time for the young and recovering. The young “camp wife” of Vickon Aran, which had arrived at Dragonport short time ago was near to giving birth, but that was a noble offspring neither Gard nor his witch-healer Elen were really happy about. Gard secretly despised Vickons behaviour, and Elen openly had some hard words about all the noblemen who could not wait to impregnate a girl anyway if she was already old enough to give birth safely. On the other hand Gard wanted to take care for the pregnant girl since that would put Vickon in debt towards him.

    In contrast to other regions of the mountain frontier, the local clans stayed more or less calm. Both Mist Brothers and Shadowcats honoured the peace-agreement for the moment, although there was no word about Rhaegar Velaryons fate (his presence in the ranks of the Shadowcats was a vital part of the agreement with this clan). There were some skirmishes between Seals People and Smoke Eagles, but nothing of that seriously harmed the local lords for now.
    The militarization of the Bite continued, since Lord Manderly’s fleet grew in strength, and the number of attacks from pirates in the Bite decreased a little bit.
    Aly almost got into hot water when her brother asked her about ,Lo Tho’. While Gard was no one who cared much about gossip, he had noticed that some people claimed the ,wizard’ was closer to his sister than it was appropriate. Aly learned that it was much harder to trick someone she really liked and care about, and could only hold her ground by revealing that Lo Tho was in truth a young woman named Yang Sa. Since Gard did have no idea that this did NOT rule out a secret liaison between the stranger and his sister, he was calmed for the moment. But secretly Aly realized that her freedom was becoming more and more fragile. She would not be able to avoid a marriage forever – or would have to face the consequences. Maybe it was time to grow up and remember the bitter truth that even as a noble she was not free to live as she wanted. She did not want not to hurt Yang Sa too much, but realized that she might have no choice but ending her liaison. And since she would have to taste this bitter fruit, she secretly also decided to push Torgon more and more to marry him with someone her house would have a benefit from. After all, he was too valuable to let decide him that on his own (he was a good fighter and owed Aly a lot, and she wanted him as a useful tool in a good position).

    Nobody could have anticipated what struck of doom hit next: The Iron Isles had hoisted the banner of rebellion once again under the self-proclaimed King Balon Greyjoy. That of course crushed any coordinated operation against the Lannister-controlled shores and put the western parts of Robb’s realm in great danger. A daring group of Ironmen also had travelled hundreds of leagues and captured the ancient castle of the Starks: Winterfell was in hostile hand for the first time in centuries. Even worse, only shortly after the new spread, that the attackers had murdered the only heirs of Robb Stark who were not in Lannister-hand. Both his brothers had been slain. This was as bad as a lost battle and a great blow for the moral of the Northerners and to lesser degree also for the men of the Riverlands. Torgon even feared he as a Ironmen may got into some trouble (or other of his countrymen and women, since two other captains of the fleet of Dragonport were born on the Iron Isles), but so far there was no local riot against foreigners – mainly because this coasts were spared from the raids since they were on the “wrong” (or better right) side of the continent.
    And in the South, Stannis Baratheon had lost a decisive battle at the walls of King’s Landing – some claimed against his slain brother Renley, who had returned from the death. In any case the Lannisters had cemented their grip on the capital.

    Meanwhile the preparations for the journey to Braavos come to a close. Aly had of course asked both Falae (who was born there but had left several years ago) and ,Lo Tho’ about their knowledge of the City of the Titan. She did (from Jothos’ letters and diary) know a few potential contacts (if they were still around). There was a captain Yorro Lythanis, who had in the past worked as a messenger for the Targaryan loyalists at Westeros and beyond the Narrow Sea. Perhaps even more promising was Septon Jeremy, who did run a Sept and an orphanage at Braavos, and was mentioned in the deciphered letters several times. Aly had not time to contact Rhaegar Velaryon to maybe get his help for the expedition (since he was deep in the mountains and the contact was fragile at best), but she faked two letters for Lythanis and Septon Jeremy by using the codes of the late Jothos Velaryon, so that the readers would believe that he have sent the people who bring this letters.
    Aly spread also misinformation about the target of the Krajer she would set sail on. Even the crew was not informed where they would travel (beside Torgon as captain of course), and she also fabricated a story to justify her absence at least for some weeks.

    It took the ship two days on rough sea to arrive and pass the Sisters, and Aly was keeping a low profile. She had so far little success to gather information about possible dangers of the journey (beside some rumours about pirates).
    On the day they left the Sisters, the ship sailed first towards North (as if it wanted to reach White Harbour or Widow’s Watch) but out of sight of the land and other ships the direction changed towards East. Torgon had decided to avoid the treacherous coasts of the Fingers and sailed over the open sea. And this time his improved navigation skills (and the better navigation tools he had got) paid off. While Falae was not happy with the “lifestyle” on board, both Lo Tho and Aly adapted well. Torgon was of course in his element, and he seemed to have a good hand both for the ship and the men. There were little other ships seen but luckily this also meant no pirates attack.
    On the fourth day of the high-sea-journey a two-masted galley was sighted, and as it closed in it become obvious it was a ship of the fleet of Braavos. Aly was able to fool the boarding officer (a merc called Hakon, maybe from the Iron Isles) about the purpose of the journey. It helped that the ship had actually cargo destined for Braavos – mainly wood and some local wine. Later it became obvious that wood was much better to sell than the mediocre wines from the northern Riverlands. So it was no problem to convince the custom-officers too when the ship arrived the lagoon of Braavos. Although Aly’s ship had to stay at Ragman’s Harbour (which was the landing point for foreigners and not the best area), the City was an impressive thing to look at – starting with the Titan himself, but also the Arsenal, the Purple Harbour in the distance, all the canals etc.
    It was sad that Aly had not much time to enjoy herself in this wonderful city who maybe not in size and importance but surely in wonders and beauties could rival King’s Landing. However the situation was not the best for a vacation – and there were maybe even reasons for concern and hurry, since Aly learned from a local officer she bribed, that a Westerosi warship had arrived shortly before. Its name was “Right Hand” or “Left Hand” or something like that. She secretly feared that it may be a Stannis- or even a Velaryon-ship which may be a potential enemy or rival in the hunt after the treasure. These thoughts were perhaps a little bit paranoia, but in the last months, she had learned that the enemies of her house were only a step behind. And no one in the Seven Kingdoms would send a warship away easily in these times.

    Aly organized rooms at a better inn for herself, Falae, Lo Tho and Torgon while spending some money for the common men as reward for the successful journey. Torgon secured that the men would not forget that they should keep tight lips and stay alert for potential trouble, and also organized the guard-duty for the ship. At first Aly tried to learn more about the situation. She soon enough learned that the “Right Hand” (a high-boarded ship which could use both oars and sails and was well armed and crewed) was indeed a warship of the Velaryons, under command of a captain Cooper (a name Falae mentioned in the past as an important henchman of this house), who already openly had asked about Kael Stormsword at the harbour administration. Obviously the Lord of Driftmark had at least found some traces which led them to Braavos. They may have not realized that house Blyth was close behind them, but in any case their presence was troublesome. If they would learn about the arrival of the Dragonport ship, they would surely step up their efforts to find a clue, or harm the activities of house Blyth. Even if they were not successful in such attempts, a bloody fight between Westerosi people at Braavos would probably result in a hard-handed reaction by the local authorities who not wanted the War of the Five Kings to reach their streets.

    With the help of Falae Aly organized some kind of surveillance (although not too close) of the (heavily guarded) “Right Hand” by hired eyes and ears and the movements of their crew, especially Cooper, an ugly and scarred guy. Coopers description very well fitted that guy who had organized the pirate-raid against Dragonport some months ago. She also organized to sell the cargo of her ship (both as a cover-up and because she did know that money was always useful) The local merchants were very hard to bargain with, but she was able to gather a small cargo of local goods, for example some of the local dark purple dye and some nacre. Aly also bought some souvenirs for her relatives at home later on (although she wanted not to spend too much money since she was not sure how many of “her” gold she would need further on).
    She even had time to handle some of her personal problems, carefully preparing Yang Sa/Lo Tho that their relationship may not last forever. That darkened of course the mood of the woman from Yi Ti (although Aly do her best to lighten her mood up).

    The first trace Aly wanted to follow was captain Lythanis, but she learned at the administration of Ragman’s Harbour that he was not in town, since he had left for Westeros some month ago. His return was uncertain since he was much over his schedule. She also had sent Falae and Torgon to the Sept on the Isle of the Gods shortly after arrival. Both made short contact with Septon Jeremy and gave him the forged letter, promising they would return with the person in charge the next day.
    Aly was able to trick the old Septon into believing she was a Targaryan loyalist working with Jothos Velaryon. She also learned that Leof Cooper already had visited (and frightened) the Septon. By threads, he had got information about possible candidates in Braavos who could be Kael Stormsword (the captain of the treasure-ships, after which Jothos Velaryon had searched for years) in disguise. Jeremy did not know anything about the Dragon’s Hoard (Jothos never seem to have told him why he searched after Kael) and Aly of course also did not specify why SHE was after Kael and why she saw Cooper as enemy. But she was able to convince Jeremy in helping her a little bit – to come in contact with other exiled loyalists (what would take some time), and he also told her everything he had already spit out to Cooper. She did her best to paint Cooper in the darkest way possible – after all she had reasons for that. Several of the men of her brother had died during the recent attack on Dragonport, and she also suspected Cooper maybe being involved in a small-scale attack some time before that which had endangered her personally.
    As she learned now there were at least three possible “Stormswords”, although none of them lived under that nom de guerre in Braavos.
    • There was Jace Westfyre, a merc-commander who had come to Braavos shortly after Robert’s Rebellion with some money. After a successful career as commander of a small sellsword company, he had retired to become a negotiator for merc-contracts. He had died some time ago. Jace had left not heir but a former mistress, although Jeremy had not figured out how to find her. He promised to have an eye open for further clues.
    • There was a man called Aegon, a fat guy who owned a brothel and two pleasure boats and had arrived maybe 16 years ago (a year or so after the Rebellion). He had started with some money, so maybe he was Kael in disguise (as Littlefinger he might had realized that whores were a safer investment than ships).
    • And finally there was Danyl Whitehelm who had come to Braavos right after Roberts Rebellion. He had married a former high-ranking courtesan (called the Silken Nightingale - a title, as Aly learned later, which was passed on from one woman to another) and lived as a successful merchant-captain until he left maybe three or two years ago. He never had close contacts to the community of the exiled.

    Aly had no good description of Kael, and of course that may also have changed over the years, so she had to look into all this possible candidates.
    The next few days Aly and her entourage carefully checked one potential source after the other. They learned soon enough that Cooper had put the house in which the former wife of Whitehelm lived under surveillance (although his two seadogs were not very able spies). The house in a better area of Braavos had a high wall and at least some watchdog inside. Aly did not want not to march to the front door with just a poor justification to get in. So for now she asked Falae to learn more about the former Silken Nightingale in the neighbourhood.
    Aly also visited the brothel of Aegon (claiming to be a merchant-woman who wanted to hire one of his pleasure-boats to impress a trading-partner). For now she was not able to come in direct contact with Aegon, but bribed someone of his staff who could arrange that (although it may take some time). She also learned more about the present Silken Nightingale who worked on a pleasure boat which floated on one of the main channels, the Street of Heroes. Since she hoped that this woman might help her to come in contact with Whitehelms wife under good terms, a visit there was among the next steps she planned.
    The party than got information from Septon Jeremy who was bribed with some gold for himself and some bodyguards (if Cooper would return), that Aly and another person would be allowed to meet some important members of the community of the exiled two days later. Jeremy also told her, he had found a former officer of Jace Westfyre, a Ser Vellaine.
    Aly met the bankrupt merc who was an easy target to bribe and fool. In the end however the money was only good to rule out that Jace Westfyre may have been Kael Stormsword. He was just another exiled leftover from Robert’s Rebellion, originally called Petyr, and not even a noble. Sadly the merc also had already spoken to Cooper who had found him. So he surely was also narrowing down to the real Stormsword – whoever that may be. At least Aly was able to secure for now that Vellaine did not sell her out towards Cooper by hinting she may hire him in the future.

    The boat of the Silken Nightingale the party visited the next evening was quite impressive: a flat, long and lean ship with a pavilion on his rear, paper-lanterns, musicians etc. Everything seemed much more cultivated (both the guests and the “workers”) than many people would think.
    Aly left her guards behind (she had started to use bodyguards as she learned that Cooper was fishing in the same pond like she) and was able to get a meeting with the Nightingale. The young courtesan – her real name was Serah – was of course not a simply to bribe street-whore but a skilled and influential woman. However Aly was able to convince her, that it was in the interest of the former Nightingale (for which Serah seem to care – and may also be related with, since they seem to have some similar features) to arrange a meeting with her. After all Cooper had already started to spy on the house of Whitehelm’s wife Orolantia and Aly could claim convincingly that he might try something violent. She learned that Orolantia and her husband had not departed on good terms. Orolantia blamed her husband for the death of his step-son, it was said.

    Of course the negotiations with the Former Silken nightingale which followed were not that easy. The house of Orolantia was still under surveillance (Aly had to change her Inn to secure that Cooper did not learn where she stayed, and she was not THAT successful to mask her movements around the house) – and the former courtesan was not easy to convince or fool. In the end Aly had to tell the truth, since Orolantia had heard about the treasure from her husband already and was smart enough to figure out why people where still searching after Kael. But she was not after the money herself and had no love left for her husband – and to some degree was thankful that Aly warned her about Cooper. That Aly suggested the henchman of house Velaryon may be desperate and stupid enough to send his men to break into the house of Orolantia and even torture her to get information was not just a lie she told to get what she wanted – Aly was thinking that may be really possible. She even supported Orolantia with some gold dragons to bribe local officials to have a closer eye on the area and maybe arresting the spies (as potential burglars) or even Cooper himself (under the false accusation of smuggling). Getting Cooper out of the way was as important for her as for Orolantia since she wanted not a close race towards the treasure. If she could remove Cooper from the board early on, that would be an important victory – and some sweet revenge too.

    Orolantia revealed that Kael “Stormsword” was a born Lyberr, a minor house from the Reach (and not from the main line of the house). He had grown up in Oldtown, was squire to a Ser Grim of Greyshield (a professional tourney-knight), and knighted himself with 17. He got the name Stormsword from his wins in tourneys (or at least claimed this) and served more than 10 years as naval officer for Jothos Velaryon. During Robert’s Rebellion he served mainly on patrol-duty.
    His last and most important mission – the transport of the Dragon Hoard - started under a bad star. Near Gulltown, they had to fight off some rebels ships, and when they finally arrived in the Bite after a hard journey, they learned that Aerys was already dead and King’s Landing had fallen. Some wanted to use the treasure to buy themselves an amnesty and a good life, others wanted to follow their mission, since the bad news surely “were lies” and some opted for the exile (to close up with the queen at Dragonstone was out of question since they would have hardly made it back). In the end the arguments turned violent and there was a bloody infighting, but a storm separated the ships – Kael’s ship (the warship), which had only a part of the treasure on board (mainly some of the silver and gold coins), was in a bad shape, and the main treasure ship was never seen by them again. The captain left some wounded behind and sailed with two dozen men who were loyal to him to Braavos where they split the treasure and departed (or so he told his wife later). Aly thought it was also possible that he and some of his men murdered several of her fellow crewmembers to get a greater part of the treasure. The cynical young noble found it hard to believe that with two dozen witnesses in Braavos alone, the story was not already known in all ports of the Narrow and Shivering Sea and maybe even beyond.
    Kael changed his name, married Orolantia and for some years was a successful merchant captain with a new ship (his old was too much damaged). They had two sons together (while Orolantia had also a son from another man before her marriage). But Kael never forgot his betrayal and the treasure – and two years ago, he sailed to the Bite to search after the treasure-ship. This journey also met disaster when his vessel ran aground and was attacked by clansmen (so the incident must have happened on the southern shore of the Bite). His stepson was killed and Kael made it back only narrowly. Kael started to drink, the couple did broke up over tragedy, and finally Kael left Braavos – but he took his two sons with him, Invicio and Tristifero. Of course that enraged Orolantia only further. She did know that he travelled to Tyrosh – maybe because he had a mistress there, but that was probably just an angry accusation.
    For this information Aly agreed to bring back Orolantia's sons if possible – if they suffered a dark fate, she promised to let the same happen to Kael (Orolantia did NOT ask for any favour for her former husband). She also got some descriptions of the boys (now 14 and 16 years old) and some letters to prove that she indeed had a mission from the mother of the two boys. They also got information about the ship of Kael, a middle sized lean freighter called Rhaenys (with two masts and valyrian sails, a dozen oars, a minimal crew of 12-20, but place for 60-80 men).

    After that Aly had of course no reason to follow the trace towards Aegon any longer and began to preparing the journey towards Tyrosh. She and Torgon bought food and water, some good maps – and especially Torgon had to keep an eye on his men. Some of them were nervous about a longer journey, although they so far did not know where they were going to. However he was able to calm the fears and keep moral high.
    Aly and her comrades were also thinking about the question how they could harm Cooper who soon would figure out which traces were blind and which not. The “legal” way seem to need time (bribing the locals and using Orolantia’s contacts to scare Cooper away from an attack on Kael’s former wife and maybe even getting him arrested). Secretly Aly ordered Torgon and a handful of his men to stay in an inn near Orolantia’s house during nights– they even bribed some beggars and street kids to alarm them if someone tried to break into the house. Aly became even more nervous after she heard that Cooper had already visited the Aegons brothel. Surely he now did know that two of the potential “Stormswords” were dead ends.

    The meeting with the “masked council” – five members of the Westerosi exiles, all Targaryan loyalists and Septon Jeremy very likely among them – which took place under clandestine circumstances, brought little results. That was in part because the loyalists had not much power, and what they had they wanted to use to prepare the return of the “true queen”. Rumours about Daenerys Stormborn and her “dragons” were already spreading. It was said she had gathered an army at Astapor while creating a lot of mayhem. Of course freeing slaves did go down well in Braavos.
    Both Aly and Lo Tho were sceptical that the stories about the dragons were real, but on the other hand they had heard stories about real magical creatures from people they trusted… And even if the dragons were not real – the stories may be dangerous enough. On the other hand Astapor was half the world away…
    Their captain was more troubled. Torgons late mother was originally born in Meereen, but was taken as saltwife by his father. He never had visited the city of the Harpy, but in his imaginations it was somehow his home and he dreamed about someday making contact with his relatives after he had broken up with his father and brothers so badly. On the other hand the young Targaryan surely had other things to do than to wage war against people who were not really her enemies…
    Of course Aly could have secured help from the loyalists by telling the about the Dragon’s Hoard, but she did not wanted rivals (and also saw the loyalists as not trustworthy). So all she got were some information about potential contacts with the merchant-“house” Mopatis (located at Pentos but with trusties in nearly every harbour south of Braavos), but was not sure if she should use that info since even the exiled seem not to trust their allies.

    Aly also tried to start an intrigue against the merc she had met shortly before when she still thought that Westfyre may be Kael Stormsword. She planned to pretend to hire him as captain for a small force of mercs as additional security for a journey to Lorath, than faking a break up and incite him to “betray her” by selling the cover story to Cooper, leading him in the wrong direction. But maybe she was not always the good liar she hoped to be, and Ser Vellaine seems to notice that she had a secret agenda.

    While they prepared for their departure, Torgon nightly guard-duties paid off. On the second night of his watch, a fire-alarm was started a few streets away from his Inn. As a “born and raised raider,” the Ironman of course thought this may be a distraction for an attack against Orolantia’s house (if not against his men, if Cooper had discovered them). He quickly gathered his troops (Falae was with them) and marched swiftly but as silent as possible to the home of the former Silken Nightingale. And indeed – more than a dozen armed men (even with some sort of battering ram) were closing in on Orolantia’s house. Torgon waited until the assault has started, so that the men were directed towards the house, than he yelled alarm and lead his men to attack. Maybe it was wrong to give away the advantage of surprise, but he wanted to make sure that the guards inside Orolantia’s house were ready to join the fight. Falae departed to bring in the city-guards.

    While Cooper organized his men in time and had more fighters, it soon became obvious that Torgon had the better men. His fighters were nearly all members of the personal guard of house Blyth, handpicked and well equipped. Their enemies were more sailors and mercs, and only lightly armed. In short time they had to retreat with leaving some killed comrades behind. Torgon had forced their leader – Cooper himself – to flee too. But the leader of the raiders did not come far, since Torgon was already behind him. In a short exchange of blows Cooper was defeated – and slain. Since the city-watch was quick to arrive, Torgon’s only booty was a small medallion with a picture of a beautiful young woman. Maybe it was Cooper’s daughter or younger sister. Actually Torgon later regretted the death of his enemy to some extent. A little bit because as a half-orphan himself he had some soft spot for people who lost one or both parents. And of course the Velaryon-captain may also have been a valuable information source and hostage if captured alive. On the other hand it was far too unclear if it would have been possible to actually get him. The Braavosi guards were closing in swiftly and maybe did not hand over him easily. And maybe he would have been able to talk/ bribe himself out of prison – or he would betray his masters and buy his freedom by telling some greedy Braavosi about the Dragon’s Hoard. So maybe his death was the best option…

    Aly was satisfied with the outcome (and gave some silver stags to the soldiers and promises of greater rewards toward their commander), since she had not forget that Cooper was to blame for some losses of life and goods at her hometown. And the best enemies/rivals were dead one since they could hardly close up again.
    The only sad part was that Coopers ship had left the harbour at once – surely fleeing right when the surviving men had arrived. As long as she did not know if there was a trusted second in command, there was a risk that the ship may try to attack or at least shadow the Krajer after the ship left Braavos. Whoever was in charge of course did not know what Orolantia had to say and hardly would have any chance soon to gather this information because this ship hardly could sail into Braavos again anytime soon. But he may have heard about his rivals and choose a more direct approach. However this was a potential problem for another day…

    Aly wrote a (some kind coded) letter to Gard, informing him that she was not coming home soon, but making no statement to which harbour she was traveling (indeed even claiming she would stay in the northern seas, which was a lie). She also mentioned in cryptic words the mishap of Kael two years ago, hoping Gard may find ways to learn more about that.
    Altogether the journey so far had lasted maybe two and a half weeks, around ten days of that time spend in Braavos.
    With a promising (but vague) trace, Aly gave the order to set sail towards Tyrosh. She was a little bit nervous if her money would be enough. But on the other hand has learned a lot. Alyanna and Torgon discussed the possibility to leave Braavos together with a local ship in northern direction (as if they were sailing for North-Westeros, Ibb or Lorath) but later depart and change their direction towards South. In that way they might fool those who may see their departure about the destination…
    The hunt for the Dragon’s Hoard was continuing – right when the real dragons were spreading their wings again (or so it was said)…