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  • Mounted combat


    I am very new to this game, and wondered if anyone would please explain to me how Mounted Combat works?

    Do you have to make a test to control the animal every round? If so, how can you ever make a trample-attack?
    Does the horse have its own actions even when controlled? And, if so, do you roll initiative for it too?

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    Re: Mounted combat

    You must spend a Lesser action (for war-trained mounts) or a Greater Action (for untrained mounts) during you turn to make it act during your turn. The Trample or Charge (with a spear or lance) Actions in that case are part of the mount actions, which has, like every character, two Lesser Actions or one Greater Action. So, you can make the mount move or attack or use special actions like Trample or Charge. If the mount is war-trained, the rider still has one Lesser Action free.
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      Re: Mounted combat

      Thank you!