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  • Plot Hooks and Story Ideas

    Find a blacksmith that can work Valyrian Steel.
    A wedding
    Host a festival for a holiday
    The heir runs away from home
    Another house's heir runs away from home, through your lands.
    Participate in a Tournament
    Kidnap attempt
    Land dispute with a neighboring house
    Village on a border wants to switch allegiances
    Its your house's turn to swear fealty
    A new religion comes to your lands.
    Escort an heir back to their lands/castle/parents.
    Escort a caravan of important goods/people through your lands.
    Bandits near a village.
    Pack of wolves near a village.
    The traveling show (musicians, mummers, etc) are actually child slavers.
    A parent brings her warg child to your maester.
    "Knowledge-seekers" want to explore your lands (a ruin, maybe)
    Farmers on your lands start to grow an ingredient of an evil poison because its profitable.

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    Re: Plot Hooks and Story Ideas

    Great ideas! Keep em coming!

    - Your liege lord calls you/your house to court to ask a difficult, & morally compromising mission.
    - A well born squire, who your house has agreed to foster, has gone missing. This news &/or his death will surely ruin ruin your relationship with his family.
    - Your keep/castle is suddenly under siege (warning: this one may be best with a map of your actual castle & the outlying area.).
    - You find out a paradigm shifting secret about the past of one of your parents.
    - A young man/woman shows up at court/your home claiming to be your bastard born child, & has a compelling case for it's legitimacy.

    House Fortune Ideas:
    Artasan - the new master artisan, while immensely effective, is rumored to be courting one of the noble ladies of your house.
    Port - Sailors from a far away land bring a disease that begins to effect many families of your port.
    Port - Reports from your port town show that taxes are not being paid to the lord. Upon further investigation you reveal an underground plot for assassination the lords assassination.
    Maester - the house's new maester seems to have some...unconventional methods of healing which, while effective, also prove to be shunned by the local faith.


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      Re: Plot Hooks and Story Ideas

      - The Lord of Noble House wants to dissolve his marriage for younger and more beautiful woman(Henry VIII tried this for Anne Boleyn): Makes his children as bastards. What they do?
      - The Regent for ruling Lord/Lady (under age) is very easy to manipulate. Septon and Maester are wrestling for influence among others in every decision. Who's really ruling Noble House?
      - A serial of attacks terrorize peasantry. Guilty is enormous Shadowcat, wolf, your decision. Victims are women and children. The Beast never show itself to men. Is it really intelligent?
      - The Land of Noble House is very low in Law. The Lord gets visitors from other families who wants him to do something to bandits, or... Including them is member of House Frey. They promise help if Lord/Heir/Heiress/son/daughter marry one of the Freys, not the most handsome or beautiful. Can they solve this problem themselves?