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A problem with the Chronicles System

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  • A problem with the Chronicles System

    So, my new generated character has Athletics 4 and 2B in Strength.
    A mammoth has Athletics 4 and Strength 3B.

    Don`t you think that this system has some kind of scaling problem??

    I think giving a Mammoth an Athletics score of 15-18 would be nice, but how can I manage such a big quantity of dice?? (not to speak about dragons)

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    Re: A problem with the Chronicles System

    Eh, it's a little off.

    A Ath5, str 4 is more accurate than 15. It will regularly be lifting 1,000 pounds, which seems about right. Remember giving it too much athletics almost makes great a jumping, swimming, and climbing, things it really should suck at. honestly 5 is too good.

    If you really want to change it I would say just add a house rule where because of it's size you double it's result, give it an extra degree of success on strength rolls, or a flat +X(I'd say 5) bonus per point of bulk it has. You might also want to up it's damage. 10 flat is pretty good but negligible in plate on one degree of success. Maybe give it shattering or up it by 2-5 points.