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    Does this make sense to anyone?

    Each time the Connections Benefit of a cell of spies is employed, it requires a Cunning test to determine whether those being spied upon discover this fact. This test is at Routine (6) Difficulty for those with a Law of 30 or lower, and a +3 Difficulty per 5 points of Law above that. If this test fails, the cell of spies is compromised and lost. With two or more degrees of success on this test, the identity of the spy cellís master become revealed as well. A public revelation of a lord possessing a spy network results in the loss of 1d3+3 Influence.
    So.. if the test fails the spies are lost, but if the test succeeds by 2 or more successes the spies are discovered and your house loses influence.

    Exactly how would you win with a test like that? Be sure you only get one success and no more?

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    Re: Spy Network

    Perhaps it's a typo.
    Under the Plausible Deniability improvement for Spy Network, it says: "Rule: If your spies fail, they never result in Influence loss or exposure of your Houseís involvement."
    So my thought it that the spy's master is only revealed on a failure.

    Maybe the text you quoted was supposed to be, "WITHOUT two or more degrees of success on this test, the identity of the spy cellís master become revealed as well."
    This allows a space for the spy to succeed, but so poorly that his employer is revealed. Does that sit better with you?


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      Re: Spy Network

      It is a bit unclear because it wasn't thought out when it was written the test was intended for the house that controls the spy cell to make but it also made sense for the house being spy'd on to make the roll.They were trying to make it so the house with spies had to hide their spies but also give the house being spied on a way to find the spies.

      To make it easier I'd suggest the rule should be:

      To see if the target house is aware of the spies whoever orders the spies must make a routine(6) cunning roll if the house's law is 30 or less and increase the difficulty by 3 for every 5 points of law over 30.
      if the roll fails the spies are captured and the spy master is revealed a lord possessing a spy cell loses 1d3+3 influence. On a successful roll the house is aware of the spies but is unable to catch them or identify who sent them. On 2 degrees of success or more the house is unaware of the spies at all.

      if the house is aware of the spies or a house is worried the may have spies, once a month force all houses with spies in their realm to make another cunning roll but this time it is a challenging (9) roll and increases by 3 for every 5 points of law above 30 by spending 2 points of law. These points are deducted after all spy masters make their rolls.
      The house is actively trying to flush out any spies that may be present but by doing so is weakening their own law as fears of spy grow.

      the second part is my own idea since I figured that the designers were thinking of some way to flush out spies and thats why the made a mistake when originally typing it up. Hope this is a little bit easier to understand

      this does make me wonder though should this be a house benefit or should it be a player benefit since clearly Varys controls his own spy network that he uses to inform the king but it is his network the kings network.


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        Re: Spy Network

        Yup. I'm gonna have to mea culpa that one. You know when you end up with a rush of ideas, and you don't quite manage to get them all put down to paper in time and you sort of end up with a mash-up of concepts in the end result? Yeah, that's sort of what happened here.

        This is on my list of errata to fix in the update to Out of Strife, Prosperity. No promises, but I'm hoping to get those all organized and sent off so we can get an updated version of the PDF set up and pushed to folks, so you can re-DL it.

        So, my apologies for that mess, again.