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Experience and glory gain - Please help me with that

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  • Experience and glory gain - Please help me with that

    Hello all!

    I'm planning to start a campaign soon, after one that got cancelled for a lot of reasons. I was a player in the past campaign, and the GM didn't really know how much experience and glory he should give us (per session, per achievement, per combat... per [insert something] basically). He ruled that he would give every character 6-10 experience points every session, according to how much you acted on this session and if you did something special (i.e I defeated Jaime Lannister in jousting and got 10 experience points for that session). At the end of Peril at King's Landing, we got like 12 glory points which really made our house strong, so he had many house rules on whether you can upgrade your fortune, army and much more.

    Too long to read: how should I handle experience and glory gain?

    Thanks ahead,

    Sorry if I have any English mistakes, English is not my native Language.

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    Re: Experience and glory gain - Please help me with that

    I suppose it depends on how often you play... My group plays about once a month. For that... I've been awarding about 4-6 xp every session. If we were playing once per week... I'd probably make it 3-5 or 2-4 per session.

    Once they've completed a major story arc... Usually about every 5-6 sessions... I award about 10 xp for that session only.

    For figuring out puzzles... good role playing, or working out one of my mysteries... I usually award about 1-2 in addition.

    That might seem like a lot, but we just don't play that often. I don't want to make my players wait a year to up their abilities.

    With glory... The warfare chapter in the book talks about glory. But I look at glory as like a "notoriety" score.... How famous they are getting. Basically the more cool stuff they do.. The more people want to deal with them... Which translates into higher wealth/influence/ population scores etc.....

    I would say only 1-2 per story completion... And follow the book of they start winning some battles.


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      Re: Experience and glory gain - Please help me with that

      I just award it according to the books, essentially when there's a challenge, it's a scene.

      We did two sessions so far. First session was introductions, show off the house keep, going to a tavern meeting to escort a Maester through lands filled with Hill tribes, hiring a travelling tinsmith. meeting a mercenary that used to work for the primary antagonist.

      Second session was The Heir issuing a decree of amnesty to Local bandits allowing the House to reduce Influence for Law as a house action.
      A PC went among the smallfolk to gain rumors of the bandit leader. They met with bandits from the Amnesty and convinced 20 of them to bring in the others, with the promise of amnesty and jobs. They met with the leader of the bandits on the road, and parleyed with him, but the leader took off.

      They coordinated cavalry patrols to track and enemy force of 200 entering their lands, travelled to another keep to borrow some infantry and archers for a few months in exchange for 3 wealth. The made a lot of strategic plans on a map of the Mountains of the Moon (where they live west of Strongsong).

      I awarded them:
      Session # 1 "The View from the Precipice" (30 Sep 2014) & Session # 2 "A Matter of Ten Minutes" (7 Oct 2014):
      Story completion. Every PC Present (Lord Valyon Felldys, Maester Torren, Fabian Spuzak, Graym Hake) gets:
      10 Experience, 5 Glory, Zero Gold, & 1 Destiny Point. All used (but not invested, or burned) destiny points refresh.

      Additionally, these Specific Characters additionally got:
      Graym Hake: Experience 4, Glory 2
      Fabian Spuzak: Experience 4, Glory 1

      Their house is in dire trouble, heavily leveraged in Defense, Wealth, and Influence, with many enemies of relatively low power, but persistent nearby, so they have to do 4 things, and only have the juice to accomplish 3 of them.
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