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    Hi folks,

    in my campaign, we are reaching the Tourney of the Hand. I have got many ideas about the event itself (incorporate events that are only mentioned in the book, making the great melee etc) and thought about making only that, but I feel I did "take only an event" adventures too often.

    I am thinking hard about a plot for this adventure, but the crime/intrique storylines are well exploited and I have a hard time finding something new. And itīs too early to kick in with the "main story events" yet.

    Anyone has a creative spark for me for a plot in Kingīs Landing for my Hawkwood campaign.

    Here a few benchmarks:
    A) Before or after the the tourney, the Lordīs daughter will marry Horas Redwine.
    B) Lord Dolph Hawkwood will be present, most of the time, he does not leave his tower.
    C) The glamorous knight Duncan who left the Hawkwoods will have one of his many guest appearences.
    D) The family comes from the Riverlands.
    E) The house knights will participate in the tourney, Lord Dolph will participate in the melee.

    If you want more detail, a campaign write up can be found in my threat SIFRP Campaign - years old and a great story to tell.

    Any fun ideas for me to share?

    Keep on gaming

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