View Full Version : Golden Age Thrilling Action!: The Black Terror Vs. The Puzzler

10-21-2015, 07:35 AM
Well-known and very talented rpg artist/creator Dan Houser and I have teamed up to bring another Golden Age Thrilling Action installment for ICONS; this time it is the striking figure of Golden Age hero The Black Terror up against an old arch-foe, the perplexing Puzzler! Perfect for a one- or two-player stand alone adventure, this scenario sees the Puzzler kidnap Tim the Teen Terror, sending The Black Terror into action to rescue his kid sidekick. To do so, he must battle his way past the Puzzler's goons, tricks, and traps!

Complete backgrounds and descriptions are provided for both hero and villain, as well as advice on incorporating either or both into modern day campaigns. Check it out via the link below.


12-15-2015, 03:01 PM

Just wanted to go ahead and actually post a bit of Dan Houser's sweet ICONS artwork here.

Very cool little head to head scenario for a GM and single player, or even one on one between two rival PCs.

And we're going to be following up with an adventure starring the VERY first golden-age Horror Hero!