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Mister B
12-11-2014, 12:01 PM
Strength & Size in a Fantasy Setting

If there is one thing that has often been my bane of existence with third edition and perhaps second edition, was the use of Size and how it effects the game. Recently with the creation of my own RPG, I thought it would be easy enough to convert it over into Third edition M&M. Well Let's start with Strength & Mass, which receives a face lift to work at a different scale.


2 lbs
1 Ton

5 lbs
1.5 tons

10 lbs
2 Tons

25 lbs
3 tons

50 lbs
4 tons

100 lbs
6 tons

200 lbs
8 tons

300 lbs
12 tons

400 lbs
16 tons

600 lbs
24 tons

800 lbs
32 tons

1200 lbs
48 tons

1600 lbs
64 tons

The Main reason for the change was to keep a level of Consistency, that the game itself didn't care to keep as far as strength played out with the rest of the ability scores. Of course this means keeping the rest of the abilities in line, and making 5 the usual human limit. Though you can still keep 6 and 7, unheard human limits if you wish. This also keeps the progression very similar to D&D and stable , doubling the mass every 2 ranks.

Alright, now lets talk about Size!!
The Size chart stays the same every size rank, adjust the measure by 2. Now when Growth or Shrinking enters the picture, size shifts once every 2 ranks. This is something I have struggled with the 3E system for a very long time, and I still believe that every 2 ranks should adjust size.

What does each rank in Growth and Shrinking Do:
Defense Modifiers: Each Rank makes it easier or harder to hit, this becomes a circumstance bonus. Add (for shrinking), or Subtract (Growth) 1 for every rank from your active defenses when facing opponents of with a different size. Lets take someone with a Shrinking of 1 and a Growth of 3. That means the taller person has a -4 to his active defenses against the smaller person, while the smaller person adds +4 to his active defenses against the larger person. This is an odd way of looking at it, cause I prefer to just give a bonus or penalty to hit.

Strength: Each Rank of Growth, adjusts your Strength score by 1. Every 2 ranks of Shrinking adjust your strength score down by 1.

Mass: Mass Increases or Decreases by 1 for every 2 ranks of Growth/Shrinking.

Toughness: Regardless if your using shrinking or growth, Toughness is shifted by 1 for every 2 ranks (however I could work this as an optional extra or flaw).

Carry Capacity: Size effects your Carrying Capacity. So every 2 ranks of growth grants a level of power lifting.

Intimidation. The size of a creature, can effect the outcome of intimidation effects. But only during an initial check. Every rank of growth is a +2 bonus to Intimidation checks, While every rank of shrinking is a -2 penalty to Intimidation checks.

Damage Output. I personally think that size also increases the damage output of an attack, on top of any “Strength” bonuses. One shift in size either increases or decreases the damage done by 1.

Okay so here's where I need help. What would the costs for shrinking and growth be, based on all of this.