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Red Eye
12-09-2014, 01:42 PM
So, changing this post up a bit from what it was originally (a promotion for my own OP page). I think in the interest of Community and the idea of helping other people coming here track down potential sources of inspiration I will make this into a collection of the OP pages from members of the community here that are focused on the DA:RPG. If you want to post you link here in the thread I will add it to the OP in the format I have going right now to help promote your page some over on OP. Also, like I have done for my own page, feel free to post bits and bobs of news and such in this thread for your page if you feel so inclined. With all of that said, lets get to our collection of OP pages we have had pop up in here so far:

Forum Member OP Pages
Dragon Age: Requiem (https://da-requiem.obsidianportal.com/) by Member Red Eye (http://roninarmy.com/members/13963-Red-Eye)
Dragon Age - The Wandering Blades (https://dragon-age-the-wandering-blades.obsidianportal.com/) by Member Saisei (http://roninarmy.com/members/11931-Saisei)
Dragon Age: A Dark Time (https://dragon-age-a-dark-time.obsidianportal.com/) by Member IzualTheMighty (http://roninarmy.com/members/11974-IzualTheMighty)
Dragon Age: Red Daughter (https://dragon-age-red-daughter.obsidianportal.com/) by Member TrentFarrell (http://roninarmy.com/members/14706-TrentFarrell)

12-10-2014, 02:06 AM
Looks good. Hope it goes well for you.

I have an OP page for our campaign but there are literally years in between updates. Still, its really handy for myself to remeber little details even if my players don't use it!

Red Eye
12-10-2014, 12:22 PM
Thanks very much, I hope it goes well too. I am excited about the storyline I have cooked up, just have to see how it plays out with this troupe.

If you don't mind sharing, would love to check out your OP page.

12-11-2014, 03:02 AM
Sure. It's here: https://dragon-age-the-wandering-blades.obsidianportal.com/

Good luck trying to make sense of it though! As I said, its a little jumbled.

Red Eye
12-11-2014, 12:46 PM
Hey, it isn't so bad really - was finding my way around pretty easily. I am even stealing a couple formatting things you did for your Character Pages (though presently my players want their stats hidden, so all my spiffy formatting for that section is hidden anyways - but grabbed some ideas from your setup for there). Also nice to have a chance to look at the Items section since you have it in play. Making me consider using it for the Legendary type items in my session now instead of dropping them in the Codex (Wiki).

12-11-2014, 01:25 PM
Yeah, I'm constantly fighting a losing battle updating it. The npcs and places were kind of most important. I do have a lot more items and things I want to ad though, and I might post them up on the forum here too to share out.

Red Eye
12-11-2014, 02:07 PM
I could totally see that being an issue. I am hoping to get as much of the site setup as possible before the session start up, maybe even get a little bit ahead in spots where I am able (like with the NPCs and Codex [Wiki]). That way I can hopefully only really have to update the Chronicle [Adventure Log] for the most part as we go along. Of course I expect things to go south with that idea in a hurry, unless I find my players actually using the site (so far 2 of the 3 do, but I can see that falling off easily).

I am certainly finding OP to be pretty handy so far though, had never really used it before. With a little design work and some basic coding skills I feel I have been able to theme it up for the campaign pretty well to boot. If you end up with any suggestion, or if you want any bits of stuff I am using for design anywhere just let me know and I would be happy to kick it over to you.

12-12-2014, 02:14 AM
Yeah its really great. I created alot of npcs ahead of time as you said and then just made them public when they had been introduced in the game. Secret GM notes on PCs and NPCs is also really handy because, I know myself, there are things I tend to plan in my head and then completely forget.

Red Eye
12-12-2014, 12:11 PM
Absolutely, that is one of the key issues that normally kills my campaigns so I am hoping that OP will be eliminating much of that problem for me.

Red Eye
12-13-2014, 09:39 PM
Character deadline is tomorrow, so should be starting to kick more details up soon, and once we start running there should be updates pretty regularly. The site is starting to flesh out pretty well though, just have a few more bits and bobs of information I need to add in for the players (and anyone following) to have access to yet.

Red Eye
12-14-2014, 08:05 PM
Yay! Players decided to let their stats be public (and I approve since I formatted them up nice). Coming along well, hopefully starting on the 28th.

Red Eye
12-18-2014, 12:56 PM
For anyone following this, it has come to my attention that a number of the images used on the site are not loading for folks. I have found that this is due to an expired SSL certificate on my own server which they are being called from. I am working on getting the SSL updated on the server with a fresh certificate which should alleviate the issues. As I host these images off my personal business server which will be launching soonish, I figured I might as well get that done now anyways.

The SSL provider I am working with will need to verify our business details since we do have a business grade SSL certificate, this simply means that the process will likely take a couple of business days to resolve. In the meantime, you could actually pop over to https://www.otherfamily.net and add an exception for the current certificate (since it actually shouldn't make any negative impact for you as long as you don't pass secure information across my server) and the images will load for you without a problem now. If you would prefer to just hold out the couple days to have the new certificate verified and installed on the server no harm there - the site might just look a little odd in a few places.

Sorry about the issues, I had kind of forgotten the SSL certificate on there had expired since we have been hard working on development over there and had opted not to renew it while no one was able to login.

12-19-2014, 02:06 PM
Hope you get everything sorted.

I've spent the last few hours working on my OP page. Its basically just been adding items that have been picked up or mentioned along the way. If you're interested they're all up here: https://dragon-age-the-wandering-blades.obsidianportal.com/items

I honestly can't remember which ones I created, which ones I got from the book, and which ones I got from other sources so if I've taken other peoples ideas, sorry!

Also some of these items are balanced for use with my own house rules and may need tweaking. I've tweaked the lore to fit my needs as well.

A few of the items have the tags "merchant" and "Sazine". This just basically means the merchant Sazine is selling them. The flavour is written as if you're perusing his shop (and undoubtedly has some typos).

Red Eye
12-19-2014, 02:47 PM
Just been taking a peek at a few of those items you have up, and I may just end up stealing some of them for my own Campaign (coming up with interesting items is much more difficult than interesting characters for me). I like that you even managed to track down some art for the different degrees of potions, very slick. Should be at least a bit before I start handing out the special gear to my troupe, but will save me a whole lot of effort.

As for the images on my Campaign, it will be sorted, but since I host them on my business server it is going to take some time (since to have business grade SSL they have to take some time to verify details about the business). I expect it to be a few days, hopefully no more than a week or so. If you want to see the stuff in the mean time you can always kick an exception for my business server per the post above.

I assume you are running with a Basic Membership rather than an Ascendant one (based on the fact that I see you are using just the standard options on the site so far)? If you are on an Ascendant account I can kick you some of my CSS if there is any formatting you see on there which you like. Not sure if you would be able to use any of it without the Ascendant membership (perhaps some of the inline code, but I don't think Basic gets the Custom CSS section in the Settings).

12-20-2014, 02:42 AM
Yeah basic membership. I've toyed with the ascendent one but I don't think I/we use the site enough to warrant it. Cheers though!

(finding some of the artwork was a pain! Especially for items I had already clearly described in game)

Red Eye
12-20-2014, 03:08 AM
Yea, my Campaign called for needing a couple of the extra features, and so I figure why not take advantage of the formatting options that come along with it.

I get what you mean about artwork. I haven't even started looking into items yet, so I can only imagine how fun that will be to get into. Coming up with consistent quality character art has been an interesting challenge in and of itself, but I think so far everything I am going with fits a consistent theme that comes across rather DA like. My hope is that my Campaign story path will match up to that.

I look forward to keep track of your page though and seeing what comes from any updates you happen to kick up. Great stuff so far.

Red Eye
12-28-2014, 09:35 PM
Well, got the review of the first session up and posted. So far, off to a good start.

01-07-2015, 06:29 AM

Was checking out the OP page. Looks great. I did notice when I went here though: https://dragon-age-requiem.obsidianportal.com/adventure-log/the-first-steps, that its very hard to read as the white background that text normally sits on isn't there. There's a possibility its my browser but I said I'd let you know.

Red Eye
01-07-2015, 10:47 AM
Well thanks very much. One thing I intend to do with it as well is when we finish off the Campaign (will still be a bit) I am going to open up some currently hidden details (such as stats I have setup for NPCs) so that people can go there to raid it for content at some point as well. Always open to suggestions of ways to improve and make the page more interesting and engaging as well.

With the Adventure Log background you mention, it is a known issue (we have a post about it on the Front Page). The background for the Adventure Logs is actually a paper texture housed on my business server, but our SSL expired so the images aren't passing right at the moment. Two potential solutions to this:

1) Wait until we have our SSL sorted out. As a business we have to go through a vetting process that takes some times, and that process was already started and the ball is rolling. Once we have a new updated SSL certificate the images will load for everyone without issues.

2) You can load up my business site (which is just a place holder for right now) under the HTTPS protocol and add an exception to your browser for the certificate. This should not cause you any issues since you are not actually passing information off to our site in the first place and it is a perfectly good certificate, just expired at this point. Specifically, it is only needed so the images can be passed to OP properly.

The only are that it makes a real impact on is the Adventure Logs, since as you pointed out I have stripped out the normal white background entirely which can make reading the text difficult. There are some other images in use that would not be loading for you, but they do not really kill any function or usability of the site.

Red Eye
01-16-2015, 02:10 PM
So, regarding the issues with images loading, we are working out a different solution. As I mentioned the ones having an issue loading are actually stored on my business server with an expired SSL. To reduce bandwidth consumption on our business servers for this we are working to move all those images to OP (have to track them all down). We got all the ones that make up the background on the Chronicle (Adventure Log) done so that should be easier for reading purposes when people stop in.

I wish I was better at image development. I would honestly love to get a different header image for the Chronicle Posts than what I am using (something more specific to the game world), but I simply do not have those skills sadly and haven't found anything I prefer. Anyways, feel free to check things out as we get more of the images loading in house.

Red Eye
01-20-2015, 02:08 AM
Things are coming along pretty well at this point. Two full sessions and one micro session in to things now and the players seem pretty into things so far. The page is starting to come along too at this point, though it is still a small game of catch up on some content but I am getting it there.

Since none of my players pop in here, I will say that Dalish Curse and Amber Rage will both be coming up as early stories once the group comes together, but I am repurposing them to better fit with the scope of my main story arch. We should be shifting to that a session or two after the micro sessions are all finished (so possibly the next major session).

Red Eye
01-25-2015, 02:42 PM
For anyone on OP with an Ascendant Membership that would like, I have made the CSS used on my Campaign Page available publicly - just use the search on the site to search for CSS as I don't link to it from any of the pages on the site specifically. Has some nifty little things in it, and I have been commenting the code as I go so it should all be fairly easy to follow. Much of it has been gathered from other sources on Obsidian Portal, but has then been modified some by me to fit the Campaign Page. There are a few custom items in there as well.

Either way, enjoy if it is of any use to you.

Red Eye
01-29-2015, 02:38 AM
I have revised some areas of the site to make it more responsive for mobile devices for anyone who prefers to view content that way. Overall it seems to be working alright at the moment, though it isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I would recommend that if your are on a phone to rotate into a horizontal orientation to maximize the width of the screen. Most things will still work in a vertical orientation fine but it will all look better with the wider view.

That is all for folks who have been interested in this. Need to write up the second mini session and a couple new Codex pages based on that session, so some additional content will be rolling out too.

Red Eye
02-19-2015, 04:57 AM
Well, been a bit since I updated this, but things have been coming along very well. Just a bit of an update on things:

We have currently completed 4 sessions (I have run more than that, as some were done as minis), and we are coming towards the end of the Origins section.
The first hints of an officially published adventure have come up, this one is being redesigned to fit the arc of my Campaign.
The site has undergone some extensive design updates, it is getting to be pretty polished at this point and hopefully conveys an appropriate feeling.
The responsive design updates are essentially completed, and the page should work fine from mobile devices with very little issue (if any).

Some of the design changes were done because I felt in some areas we may be displaying too many details about the workings of the system, and since it is not my intent to infringe on respective rights I have decided to hide the details that felt like they may be going a step too far. Of course if anyone from GR approaches me and requests I hide more of the content I will do so, but I think I now have it to a point where it should be perfectly fine. Anything that I have that is homebrew will be disclosed at some point, likely once the Campaign has concluded or the information would be ok for my players to see as well, so the resource aspect of the page will still be intact.

Been following a few other DA:RPG Campaigns over on OP recently, and there are certainly some interesting ideas floating about for anyone looking for inspiration as well. Just thought I might toss that out there.

As always, anyone from here that is following along with the Campaign, I thank you for your engagement and support!

02-19-2015, 08:48 AM
Ah, I see your the one who liked my campaign Dragon Age: A Dark Time, https://dragon-age-a-dark-time.obsidianportal.com/. I did take a look at yours as well, and good job on it man.

Red Eye
02-19-2015, 09:13 AM
Yea, your campaign caught my eye because it looks like you are rocking out homebrew on your story arc, and that is always fascinating by my book. Looking forward to seeing what you cook up as your story unfolds.

02-19-2015, 09:37 AM
Well my partner is working on uploading the last couple of Session Logs now - but I do have to say it is the most RP heavy group Ive had, so many things have happened and it's only at level 4 now and it just keeps getting bigger, which is why I needed an OP page in the first place. Feel free to keep up with it anytime guys.

Red Eye
02-20-2015, 02:19 AM
If you have an ascendant account and want some style ideas or help, I keep my CSS public and update it every couple of days as I make changes so it is normally fairly current. Most of the design on my page pretty well requires ascendant though, but some of the stuff I have can be done inline as well. I have been doing web development and design on and off for a few years now, so any input I can provide I am happy to do so.

I know what you mean about keeping track of content, that is normally the biggest pitfall within my troupe and I have an arc planned for this campaign that should take a good long while to play through, so going for the OP page seemed like it was a good bet and would save me reinventing the wheel so to speak trying to make something similar in scope from scratch. The trick I find now is keeping up with getting content up and on to the site in the Codex (Wiki) specifically. I have also gotten a bit behind in stating some of my NPCs and have had to fudge stuff in a few places as we catch up to or pass what I have laid out. Our next session is coming up on Saturday, so I have been busy cleaning up content on the page and getting more content kicked up.

I'll be peeking back in on your story for sure, interested to see how it ends up panning out for you. Homebrew is always great stuff by my book, so glad you have elected to go that route. Thedas is quite the tapestry to work with. Also curious to see if you end up weaving in any of the officially released content as you roll along as well (something I will certainly be doing, albeit modified to fit my story arc).

Anywho, back to work.

02-20-2015, 01:33 PM
I do have an Ascendant account, and I like the style you have with the pages looking old. I have no idea really how to go about that at the moment though so I have strayed from it. And I have ran all the published adventures before, and one of my members was in those groups as well so I will only take influence from them. However I may use a heavily modified Autumn Falls coming up when they go through Orlais.

Red Eye
02-20-2015, 05:32 PM
Ahh, yes, the parchment pages, that was a bit of a trick to get fully accomplished and have it be responsive for mobile devices. The trick with it really is that you need to remove the in place background in the areas you want to use the parchment and then you need to slap some code in place to actually put the parchment there. I use a 3 part parchment design, it has a top, repeating body, and bottom.

Do you have a specific parchment design you want to use, or did you just want to grab the one I have in place? I can always gather up the code you would need for it and kick it your way. I have it designed so it requires no code on the page, everything will format itself automatically. I personally still use code on the page to accomplish other effects, such as designating which font will be used in the area since I run a few of those, but the parchment will setup by itself. I would also need to know what areas specifically you want to be using the parchment effect as there really isn't a good way to hit everything in a single motion (you have to select each of the items individually which is easy enough).

02-23-2015, 08:24 PM
Red Eye,

Checked out your OP site, very nice! Still working on mine.

Question: How did you do those trailers? Some of those clips are from cutscenes, but some look like you were able to move around the scene, even vertically, like you had a camera on a dolly... if they are pulled from the game files, how did you manage that? I'd love to do a trailer for my campaign, and you did such a great job with yours, I am envious!


Red Eye
02-23-2015, 10:18 PM
Well thanks very much!

Those clips you are referring to are actually from one of the Bioware trailers for Inquisition, so I didn't actually do anything with those - just got lucky that Bioware had made them. The way I did the videos themselves was to grab a couple of the trailers that Bioware had released, toss them into Windows Movie Maker (can download for free from MS), and simply used some cuts to get the shots I wanted and transition effects between shots. They are actually rather basic and amateur in scope and design, both were cobbled together in the stretch of an hour each maybe.

I would say go and take a stab at making one, it was actually fairly fun to do and still got an overall decent finished result. Having made those my players are all on edge wondering just what all I am going to touch on since each of the clips I selected was very intentionally taken. Some were to provide an image of Thedas (those are all fairly clear), while the others all represent some of what the campaign is going to go into (the story I have planned if fairly "epic" in scope). All in all, it seems to have had the appropriate effect.

02-25-2015, 03:05 PM
Well thanks very much!

Those clips you are referring to are actually from one of the Bioware trailers for Inquisition, so I didn't actually do anything with those - just got lucky that Bioware had made them. The way I did the videos themselves was to grab a couple of the trailers that Bioware had released, toss them into Windows Movie Maker (can download for free from MS), and simply used some cuts to get the shots I wanted and transition effects between shots. They are actually rather basic and amateur in scope and design, both were cobbled together in the stretch of an hour each maybe.

I would say go and take a stab at making one, it was actually fairly fun to do and still got an overall decent finished result. Having made those my players are all on edge wondering just what all I am going to touch on since each of the clips I selected was very intentionally taken. Some were to provide an image of Thedas (those are all fairly clear), while the others all represent some of what the campaign is going to go into (the story I have planned if fairly "epic" in scope). All in all, it seems to have had the appropriate effect.

WoW, nicely done! Thanks for the tips, too!


Red Eye
02-25-2015, 09:09 PM
Not a problem. If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to ask, I am always happy to help out.

03-08-2015, 12:21 PM
Hey, Red Eye

Check this out:

This tool is pretty cool. Be aware that your Inquisitor needs to be near whatever you want to look at so that all the models are loaded. Also, the game is still running while you move the camera about, be careful you don't get jumped while you're not paying attention to the character. This tool is perfect for snapping "flavor" screenshots. You could also use FRAPS with it to capture animated scenes. Camera movement is by keyboard, so it might not be smooth enough to get great results (depending on your dexterity and a Save vs. typo). Oh, and of course, your 'quisitor needs to be on the same map you want to look at - Parts of Skyhold for example are on different maps.

Red Eye
03-11-2015, 06:09 AM
That does indeed look like a spiffy little tool, unfortunately I do not have DA:I on the PC and only on the XB360 so I will be unable to make use of it. Either way, thanks for pointing it out, I may pick DA:I up on the PC at some point and others might also find it useful.

Now, I really need to get the Session 6 log finished up some time today and make it public. Then, since we concluded the Character Origins section and are popping on to a bit of a break I am thinking I may whip up a new trailer for the Origins section of the story (and continue that trend of making a trailer at the close of each section). I'll probably add those to the Index Post in the Logs at each section, could be an interesting feature for anyone who doesn't follow along live (as a preview) and just some spiffy flare for anyone else.

When we resume we will be running through my modified (lore wise) version of the Dalish Curse which will kick off the start of the main story arc as well. Going to be an interesting haul for sure, looking forward to digging in to all of it.

EDIT: The log for Session 6 has been posted now, though I may add a little more artwork to the post over time to spice it up some. Game is marked as being on hiatus for now, I have a "note" posted on the front page about the down time. During the break I will be working on getting some more details posted up, and I'll also be working on the New Origins trailer that will hopefully be ready to go by the time we pick back up (assuming I can track down all the clips I am going to need). Thanks again to any and all who have been following along, I hope you find the site enjoyable.

Red Eye
03-18-2015, 03:08 PM
Trying out a little something over on the OP Page, I have decided to start doing some GM Commentary posts from time to time. The first of these posts is now up and public where I give a few additional behind the scenes insights about what I have been doing with the campaign so far. My guess is that these posts will be most interesting to other GMs, but hopefully others can get a little something from them as well (players or even just general readers). Figured it would be something to kick out while the game is on hold so people have something new to check out.

Really enjoyed running the origins section, though I admit that it was a bit of work to approach the start of the Campaign in this manner. I go over that some in the Commentary Series post as well. Now here is to hoping I have the new rulebook in my possession before we pick the Campaign back up.

04-09-2015, 06:55 PM
Not to make another thread about campaigns, but if anyone is interested you can check on my campaign on https://dragon-age-a-dark-time.obsidianportal.com/ . Saturday will see the conclusion of a story arc with the might Redgar and soon enough lead to the conclusion of the major arc that has taken place from levels 1-5. If you have the time, I would welcome anyone reading the logs and giving feedback on what you think. They have discussed streaming it, and if the campaign looks interesting enough for several of you we may attempt that.

Red Eye
04-10-2015, 10:17 AM
Awesome news for sure, been loving your Campaign. Mine should be resuming soon here now.

Red Eye
05-05-2015, 02:41 AM
I just noticed something today as I was fiddling around on OP and updating some details on our page. Requiem is presently the most "Fanned" Campaign on OP marked as Dragon Age RPG for the system. I am actually quite honored by that idea, and I just wanted to kick out a quick thank you to any folks who have been following along from here at the Forums as well. While our fan count is by no means astronomical (or even altogether impressive when compared to other OP pages) it is still pretty cool since D&D is clearly the primary reason many use that site.

With some of the random life issues I have been dealing with as of late, this was actually a nice little (and very needed) ego boost for me today, and I just couldn't help but comment on it. Love the community based around this system, you all rock! Thanks again.

Red Eye
05-13-2015, 04:59 PM
I have changed up the intention of this thread, please check out the OP for more on this. My hope is that this thread can become a helpful collection of DA:RPG related OP pages that have been done by members of the forum community. I still have a link on my own OP front page that goes off to a search for all DA:RPG Campaigns on OP, but I thought it could be cool if the members of the community had a thread to go along with their pages. Feel free to use this thread as I have redesignated in the OP, and drop your OP links in here for your DA:RPG games and I will add them to the OP as stated.

05-14-2015, 06:48 AM
I just noticed something today as I was fiddling around on OP and updating some details on our page. Requiem is presently the most "Fanned" Campaign on OP marked as Dragon Age RPG for the system. I am actually quite honored by that idea, and I just wanted to kick out a quick thank you to any folks who have been following along from here at the Forums as well. While our fan count is by no means astronomical (or even altogether impressive when compared to other OP pages) it is still pretty cool since D&D is clearly the primary reason many use that site.

With some of the random life issues I have been dealing with as of late, this was actually a nice little (and very needed) ego boost for me today, and I just couldn't help but comment on it. Love the community based around this system, you all rock! Thanks again.

Red Eye, I look forward to following your campaign. Good luck!

Red Eye
05-14-2015, 10:08 AM
Thanks very much - I am looking forward to getting it rolling again. Maddening having to stop where we did, with the troupe finally coming together.

Red Eye
07-22-2015, 02:58 AM
Just rolled out the Items section (title Contrivances on the menu) to my Campaign Page. Not a lot in there yet since it is all late and such and I need to get to sleep, but I think the layout is pretty good so far. We just had our 7th session with the 8th coming up this weekend, and the page has come a long ways since I first launched it. Pretty crazy that we are up to 38 Fans as well, and love that we are getting some interaction happening in the different comment areas.

My troupe just started up the Dalish Curse, and the first log of that is also posted. I think I may add a bit more detail to the combat section of the text in the next couple of days here so that it gives a better picture of how the battle actually player out more directly. I have also altered a bit of the background on the adventure so that it has a proper place in my arch, but I don't expect those alterations to become apparent over the course of the adventure.

Thanks to all those who have been following along, I hope the page has proven useful to folks as well (even though a lot of the technical bits and bobs are hidden right now).

Red Eye
07-24-2015, 05:42 PM
A number of additional bits and bobs have been added onto the page now - items, codex details, and more. Hard to stress the benefits of OP for managing a campaign and keeping all the details sorted. I have quite the little stockpile of information going at this point. It sure beats digging through assorted books and notes to find the information I need (woot for the search).

07-25-2015, 02:53 AM
I just started a page for my campaign. Still setting it up, started with adding characters and will work on building out the wiki from there. I'll start adding session logs starting Monday night after our next session, but will need to basically record the previous sessions as longer posts, no longer remembering when the exact session breaks were.


Red Eye
07-25-2015, 12:57 PM
Very awesome stuff, I have added your page to the OP for others to easily locate and check it out. Also, we both have an elf named Adanna - nifty stuff. If you need a hand with anything on OP just let me know, I am happy to help when I am able. Did you opt for Ascendant, or are you running a basic account?

07-25-2015, 03:19 PM
Did you also pluck the name from the list of example Elf names in the books? I'm really digging into those sample name lists for NPC names while I can. If you check, a lot of my NPC names come right from those lists.

For now I'm just going with a basic account. I had a Facebook group set up for this purpose, but I like the built-in Wiki aspect of OP. It'll make it a lot easier to keep things organized, and keep older posts from getting lost in the shuffle.

Red Eye
07-25-2015, 04:10 PM
I would recommend Ascendant if you can swing it. It gives you access to a Player Secrets section where you can post content only certain players are able to view (along with you of course). It also lets you upload more maps on your page, which could be handy depending on what you need to kick in there. You also get more storage space, which means more images that you can toss up. Finally, it gives you the added bonus of being able to play with the look of the site a lot more with the CSS being opened up (and custom backgrounds, etc). You can also use Forums on your page then, and I think the Calendar.

Of all this I actually make use of every aspect already on my Campaign. The Player Secrets were probably the thing that got my players actively using the site on a semi regular basis. I do all our scheduling on the Calendar, and it can be subscribed to via Google Calendar or iCal.

As for the name, I think I may have pulled that from the book, though I do have a bit of a mix when it comes to the characters I have posted up (I have made a lot of custom characters with names not featured on the book). The name generator on OP is being developed by me (somewhat, I have submitted some things for them that have not been rolled out yet). I intend to do some DA specific generators here soon (because, hey, I could use them), so you should be able to get some unique and diverse lore correct names soonish for that (I don't work for OP actually so no assurances when that could be coming).

07-25-2015, 07:59 PM
Very cool. I might give the random name generator a shot if I find myself really brainfarting.

Jance I named myself. Same with Magister Noctua. Ruby, Marco, Renarea and Dumny were named by players. Dummy I then renamed with the Avvar system because I liked the idea of him having this long, impressive-sounding name, but everyone just calls him "Dummy". And because it is actually close to his real name, and he is a bit dumb, he doesn't get that it's an insult.

All the rest were out of the book samples.

I only really have one player that keeps secrets, and his character is mostly open with the group at this point. I might upgrade to ascendant eventually, but I want to see how this works out using this regular, first.

Red Eye
07-25-2015, 09:18 PM
A big consideration as you approach things is going to be layout. You'll notice on my own page I have a very specific setup that flows from page to page. The trickiest place that I think it is the most important is on the Wiki. Making all the details you will accumulate accessible over time is important (even more if older details can remain relevant in your campaign).

With Player Secrets I like to include bits and bobs around the site that pertain to specific characters and not others. This is typically setting related information, such as followers of particular religions having more detail on the religion than the publicly available overview, or residents of an area knowing more about it. I also like to do this for NPCs as well noting relationship details, character specific merchant discounts, and the sort. I find that even when the group works together and is fairly open the secrets still find themselves a place.

If characters share details over time you can tack on the new players to the existing secret, or eventually move it to a public area if that is more appropriate. It really does a lot to motivate the players to head to the site to view things there. I will attest that what I hear from most users is they have a hard time getting players to use the page and so it eventually dies off as it becomes pointless work for the GM to engage in. You may also want to take a look at the Prestige Point system I and a few other campaigns on OP use, a handy way to encourage site use and make it worth your time.

But, as I started off with, I want to reiterate on the importance of a working layout. OP starts you off with a completely blank slate. If you do not take the time to bake in a good layout from the start you may find yourself hitting major snags down the road as you decide to make more sweeping changes. For instance, I broke my wiki down into major sections and made a menu for that. I had to decide what each major section would be and commit to it early as I have to slap that code on multiple pages and regenerate the menu under the OP setup. This problem is not as big in the Adventure Logs, Characters, Items, or Maps sections due to how they are setup. With that said, as you can see on my Adventure Log, it can still help to make an Index Post for it to try and organize up the details more (this becomes more important if you want both GM and Player logs, or for instance my GM Commentary posts).

Best of luck as you approach your page. If you do get things worked out OP can be one of the most valuable tools in your arsenal at the table. It works on mobile devices just fine as well, so there is little excuse to not use it while playing at least. As for me, I need to get back to kicking up more information on my own site before we hit our next session tomorrow.

07-26-2015, 11:47 AM
Once I have all of the characters entered, properly tagged, and linked to one another, I believe that the wiki should work just fine for my purposes. Especially since I'm also tagging affiliations (who are all of my Grey Wardens), locations (who all resides in the Dalish camp) and the like. I'm also tagging things like gender, race, and class, which I don't see an immediate use for, but you never know.

I have yet to even load the site on my computer. Everything I have done has been through my phone thus far. It probably took an extra couple minutes to figure things out because of that, but it's been just fine, and has given me a lot more time to work on it, during breaks at work, on long car rides, etc.

I don't see me uploading too many images. If I decide I need a visual reference for an NPC I usually draw them myself, and I can show those drawings to my players in person. My players have chosen pictures found online for their characters which will end up uploaded to their pages once I get to them.

I may eventually do a map of Fell's Landing, which is seeming more and more like it should be done, but I can't see needing much more than that, map-wise.

You never know though. I'm leaving the possibility open. I just don't want to waste the free ascendant trial until I'm sure that I am ready to try that out. Until I have some reason to.

Red Eye
07-26-2015, 10:55 PM
I follow you, makes total sense.

My troupe got through yet another session this evening, working on getting the recap up into the logs on the site. This was a very RP heavy session, so doing my best to keep it as true to how things were phrased at the table as well. The players are getting pretty well into their characters as well at this point, so there was even a little tension at the table (got a good troupe of adults so that is actually a plus). A shaky start for the new compatriots, and should certainly prove to be an interesting ride as we roll along.

Log should hopefully be up sometime yet tonight, want to get it out before I forget too many details. Otherwise for sure tomorrow.

07-27-2015, 02:44 AM
My group meets Monday nights, so we will have another session tonight. I'll write up my first timely log post after that. Beforehand, I'm going to begin a "Story so far" post that I can update over time.

07-27-2015, 09:41 PM
All of the characters are added. 4/5 of my players have signed up and have been assigned ownership of their characters' pages. Character pics have been uploaded for each PC except 1, and I found good screenshots from the games to use for Calder (you may know him as "Dog" from Origins) and Loghain.

Fun, RP-heavy session tonight. Next week, they may finally meet the first NPC I created for the game! Log for this week should be up later tonight.

Red Eye
07-27-2015, 10:25 PM
Looking forward to it.

07-28-2015, 02:25 AM
The log is up. It is looooong, longer than I suspect most will be, because it was such an RP-heavy session, with a lot of things being discussed in a few different scenes, with the party split in two entirely different locations. I hate when my players do that do me. XD it also put on some length because I added some extra exposition in a couple places knowing that you would be reading without the same level of background knowledge my players and I have, since I haven't finished my Story So Far posts yet.

07-30-2015, 02:35 AM
I've added a couple of location and organization pages (Fell's Landing, Merlanthraille, Grey Wardens), one enchanted item type I've introduced (Signal Spheres) and a number of other entries I tagged Codex, which are generally any written things the players have come across. One of my players has been adding to his character's page, and tweaking a couple of things I mis-remembered, which I've encouraged the entire group to do.

Red Eye
07-30-2015, 03:55 AM
Read your first log, digging things so far. I'll be peeking in from time to time for sure. Awesome that some of your players are getting engaged with the site already, always a good sign.

08-10-2015, 11:58 AM
New log is finished, looking forward to tonight's session, gonna be giving the group some of their first special loot, hint at some background stuff for one character further, and hopefully finally reach the introduction of the second NPC I created.

Red Eye
08-10-2015, 04:17 PM
Good stuff, my game is on a slight hold while a few new interesting things that have happened in my life get sorted out. I hope to resume within the next week or two based on how things play out.