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12-05-2014, 02:14 PM
Say I have a magic array, and i want to be able to boost it, sometimes.
Could I build the array and apply this flaw to to a separate , booster array?
This would mean always having some power, but gambling with some of it as well.

12-05-2014, 02:41 PM
There is no reason why what you are talking about is against RAW. You can also only apply Check Required against some ranks of a power. You can apply flaws or extras only partial ranks of a power.

Power Blah 10, check required 5, would let you use up to 5 ranks with no check and require a check (of increasing difficulty) for using 6 or more ranks of the power up to the full 10 ranks.

12-05-2014, 02:55 PM
That's not how Check Required works.

Blast 10, Check Required 5 means you have to make a DC 15 check to use any of your power. I'd build it like this:

Zap: Blast 5
Blast 5, Check Required X, Stacks with Zap

12-05-2014, 03:06 PM
That's not how Check Required works.

Blast 10, Check Required 5 means you have to make a DC 15 check to use any of your power. I'd build it like this:

This is what I was thinking.

12-05-2014, 03:43 PM
Forgot check required became a ranked flat flaw in 3E, had 2E stuck in my head.

12-05-2014, 03:55 PM
Buying a booster to your array isn't an issue. There's magic item examples that do just that. Whether the flaw's check required, or removeable, or any other flaw doesn't really matter; as long as you're not violating pl limits.

12-05-2014, 04:22 PM
Check Required is a bit of an odd duck as far as Flaws go. Using badpenny's example, assume Check Required is rank 5 and vs Technology skill, so the base Zap power is 10p and the boost, which I will refer to as Overdrive, is only 5p, for 15p total.

First odd thing is that 5 ranks of Check Required gives you DC14; DC10 for the first rank, +4 for each additional rank, so it's a little counter-intuitive. The second odd thing is that if you were to roll exactly 14 (with all bonuses) that means you add ZERO ranks to the total, because you only add ranks of effect by how much you exceed DC, which is also counter-intuitive since you just got used to equal rolls meaning 1 degree of success. However, these two things can actually cancel each other out, since it would mean that a roll of 15 in this case would be the first rank that exceeds and as long as you remember that, you could say that it's actually a DC15 check, with 1 rank active at 15 and all 5 ranks active at 19. Make sense? Moving on . . .

So you can use Zap at rank 5 all you like without issue, but if you want to kick it into Overdrive, you need to roll a DC15 Tech check. However, if you're one of those Gadgeteer types, there's a good chance you have an extraordinarily high Tech skill, and it's not unusual for it to be in the +15 to +20 range for PL10. In practice, this mean the Check Required results would ranged from "never fails completely" to "never fails at all", so you'd be getting a 5p discount on Zap for a Flaw that will practically never affect you. The same issue would come up with a lower tech skill (say +10) and Skill Mastery: Tech, which is also not uncommon for Gadget-types. And of course, this could apply to any high skills, including the Magic mentioned in the OP.

My point is that Check Required behaves a little weirdly and can be easily overcome (accidentally or otherwise) by very common build practices, so while I actually like the idea of it as a modifier, it can be tricky to make it work right and still feel balanced. In the OP's specific case, using it as a partial modifier is a good way to have a "routine" level of casting, with the Overdrive requiring some skill and a chance of failure. I would recommend making the DC required equal or greater than whatever the routine roll for the required skill would be, in order to enforce that dynamic.

12-05-2014, 05:58 PM
It could fire backwards VERY badly. Lets say you are at PL10. Thats pretty much standard i imagine.
You have your magic at Lv10 (logically).
You have Check Required at...well, lets say 5.
Your Magic Expertise Skill is at max, thus 20.

Now, you want to use ANY power from your magic pool, so you roll 1d20+20 vs a DC of 10+5. A rolled 5 or more will allow you to access the power to its fullest, everything below will cut you. Thing is though, that you dont really have to dump your magic Cost anyway.

You see - Magic isnt an Array, its a Power with alternate effects (Page 116 in the Hero's Handbook). This means if you reduce your "carrier" power (which is Magic), you also reduce the PP pool for the powers you can use with it. If at all you want to actually INCREASE the cost of your Magic, so the alternate effects can be more powerful.

An Array is basically one power that changes what it is. I.e. you can use 4 Elements, each of them being the part of the "elemental" array, while Magic or Power Rings or similar effects have one single source and thus use one PP pool.