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11-04-2014, 07:45 PM
Hi all! I made some combat cheat sheets as easy reference for my players
I use a few house rules (all asterisked) and will include the raw excel for anyone wishing to alter the sheet to vanilla rules for themselves.

I just figured I'd share it with you all.

Raw sheet in excel format (Still has the houserules, sorry):

Printable PDF formatted for 3 sheets (still with house-rules):


Edit: Updated with V2. Intrigue cheat sheet coming soon.

11-16-2014, 01:47 PM
Just got around to looking at this. Great work! Great for new players.

I think I may use your house rules as well.

11-22-2014, 06:57 AM
These are great! Very detailed. I made up some cheat sheets for my group, too. They're not as detailed as yours, though. Would you mind if I shared them up on this thread, too? This thread title would be a good place to collect a variety of cheat sheets people have put together.

11-24-2014, 07:56 PM
More the merrier.

11-25-2014, 09:10 AM
A compilation of Physical Combat tidbits from the book. Intended to be used as a quick reference when you're not sure what options you have. Not to be used for nitpicking or over-complicating actions.


1. Battle field: Description of surroundings and modifiers
2. Detection: Stealth vs. passive Awareness. +1D attack vs. surprised foes.
3. Initiative: Agility (Quickness) test, highest goes first.
4. Actions: 1 Greater, 2 Lesser, 3-6 Free Actions.
5. Repeat: Repeat steps 1-4 until there's a clear victor.
6. Resolution: Victor decides the consequences of defeat.

Greater Actions

Divided Attack: Split dice pool to attack 2+ foes. Resolve each.
2-Weap Attack: Add off-hand mod to main weapon dam, lose any Defense bonus.
Combo Attack: Divided attack w/ extra 2-weap attack dam.
Charge: Up to 2x move, -1D attack for +2 weapon damage.
Counter Attack: No action. Standard attack vs. next foe in reach.
Reckless Attack: -5 Combat Defense for +1D Fighting test.
Disarm: Standard attack vs. passive Fighting, w/ 2 degrees of success. (p.174)
Pin/Break Pin: Grabbed foe, Athletics vs. Athletics, helpless.
Dodge: 1/2 move, Agility test + equip bonus + New Combat Defense.
Pass: No action. +2B on next test, normal limits apply.
Fall/Stand: Fall down or stand up (w/ AR 6 or more).
Drive/Ride: Non-war trained steed w/ Animal Handling test.
Trample: Animal Handling vs. Combat Defense. (+5 CD/consecutive foe.)
Pull Rider: Use Grab weapon, Fighting vs. passive Animal Handling.
Catch Breath: Endurance test (0), restore 1 health point/degree of success.
Sprint: 4x move - Bulk.
Yield: No action. Offer terms of defeat.

Lesser Actions

Standard Attack: Fighting/Marksmanship vs. Combat Defense (only 1/round).
Assist: Add 1/2 Fighting to adjacent ally vs. his foe. (counts as attack).
Aim: +1B on next Fighting/Marksmanship test.
Cautious Attack: -1D attack for +3 Combat Defense.
Distract: Cunning vs. passive Will, foe loses Awareness from Combat Defense.
Maneuver: Fighting vs. passive Fighting, -1D for 1 round, moved 1 yard. (p.174)
Grab: Hit foe and meet or beat his passive Athletics (Strength).
Knockdown: Athletics (+2 w/ move action) vs. passive Agility. Helpless.
Knockout: Fighting vs. passive Endurance. 1 degree of success = -5 Combat Defense. 2+ degrees of success = out. (p. 174)
Drive/Ride: War trained steed w/ Animal Handling test.
Move: 4 yards +/- move modifiers.
Fall/Stand: Fall down or stand up w/ AR 5 or less.
Interact: Most simple, non-combat actions: move, shove, pull, draw, mount, etc.

Free Actions

Free Attack: Foe moves 2+ yards, passive Fighting vs. foe's Combat Defense.
Stance: Pick an attack stance. (Duels/jousts only.) (p. 168)
Speak: 1 sentence/free action. (Max 6 sentences/round.)
Destiny Point: Spend or burn a Destiny Point to modify scene/action/roll/etc.
Take a Point of Fatigue: Gain -1/point to all results. Max Fatigue = Endurance. Pick one:

◾ Ignore Armor Penalty.
◾ Ignore 1 Wound penalty.
◾ Ignore all Injury penalties.
◾ Gain 1 Lesser Action.

Other Combat Information

Tactics: Warfare (Tactics) to go last in round and give +1B to another's initiative test.
Terrain: Boundary: 0 move. Obstacles/bystanders: Lesser Action to move around, possible cover (+5/+10 Combat Defense). Treacherous: -1 yard move, cumulative. Higher Ground: +1B Fighting.
Light: Shadowy: -1D Agility, Awareness, Fighting, Thievery, -2D Marksmanship. Darkness: -2D to listed Abilities. -4D Marksmanship.
Helpless: Lose Agility from Combat Defense. Gain +1D to Fighting/Marksmanship tests targeting a helpless foe (pinned, tied, sleeping, etc.)
Move: 4 yards base. +1 yard/Run bonus die. -1/2 bulk. Athletics 1 = 3 yards. Moving target: -1D attack after target sprints.
Mounted: Mount's move. +1B Fighting vs. foes on foot. +2 damage w/ war trained steed.
Use Ability: Can be Greater or Lesser Action, as described in Ability section.
Injuries: Reduce damage by your Endurance. -1 results/Injury (</= Endurance).
Wounds: Reduce all damage from most recent hit. -1D/Wound (< Endurance).
Defeat: Victor chooses: Death, maimed (-1D any Ability), take the Black, unconscious (2d6 hours), ransom. Victim can burn a Destiny Point to change.

11-25-2014, 09:28 AM
A compilation of Intrigue Combat tidbits from the book. Intended to be used as a quick reference when you're not sure what options you have. Not to be used for nitpicking or over-complicating actions.


1. Objective: Goal (Friendship, information, service, deceit, etc.)
2. Type: Simple (1 test each), Standard (single defeat), Complex (3+ Victory Points gained by defeating foe).
3. Scene: Modifiers from locations and people.
4. Disposition: (Intrigue Armor) Affectionate, Friendly, Amiable, Indifferent, Dislike, Unfriendly, Malicious.
5. Technique: (Intrigue Weapon) Bargain, Charm, Convince, Incite, Intimidate, Seduce, Taunt.
6. Initiative: Status (Reputation).
7. Actions: 1 action from each participant during each round.
8. Repeat: Repeat steps until there is a clear victor.
9. Resolution: Resolve according to technique used.

(NOTE: The Disposition Rating reduces Influence damage to your Composure by that amount.)

Disposition (Disposition Rating) +/- Deception +/- Persuasion Effect
Affectionate (1) -2 Dec +5 Per. Love/loyalty. Performs most requests. Risks life.
Friendly (2) -1 Dec +3Per. Kinship/goodwill. Performs favors. Takes risks.
Amiable (3) 0 Dec +1 Per. Acquaintance. Easy/Beneficial favors. No risks.
Indifferent (4) 0 Dec 0 Per. No feelings. Favors/risks for duty/compensation.
Dislike (5) +1 Dec -2 Per. Uncomfortable. No risks. Entertains harmful thoughts.
Unfriendly (6) +2 Dec -4 Per. Disdain. Allows harm. May cause small harms.
Malicious (7) +3 Dec -6 Per. Enemy. Takes risks to harm you and yours.


Technique (Deception Specialty) Base Influence Effect
Charm (Act) Persuasion Raise Disposition 1 step. Gain +1D for next Intrigue scene.
Seduce (Bluff) Persuasion Perform carnal act OR temporarily raise Disposition.
Convince (Act) Will Get agreement/assistance for one trial.
Intimidate (Act or Bluff) Will Flee OR temporarily be Amiable in your presence.
Bargain (Bluff) Cunning Get goods/services for compensation by to Disposition.
Incite (Bluff) Cunning Affect Disposition toward another for days = your Persuasion.
Taunt (Bluff) Awareness Perform task according to Disposition. Disposition lowers.


Influence: (Intrigue damage) Persuasion/Deception (applicable specialty) vs. foe's Intrigue Defense. Reduces Composure according to Technique.
Assist: Persuasion (9) test to add 1/2 your Persuasion to ally's next test.
Fast Talk: Persuasion vs. passive Will. 2+ degrees of success: foe loses Cunning from Intrigue Defense.
Manipulate: Persuasion vs. passive Will. Choose foe's Technique next round.
Consider: No action. +2B on next test (limits apply).
Read Target: Awareness vs. passive Deception. Gain +1D for this Intrigue. Learn Disposition and Technique. Each additional success can give a motive, attitude, etc.
Shield of Reputation: Status vs. passive Will. Raise Disposition towards you.
Use Logic: Cunning (Logic) test (base Difficulty 12) to find flaw : -1D to foe's next test, OR to assess foe: +bonus dice = your Logic to your next test (limits apply).
Remember: Cunning (Memory) (See p. 61 for Difficulties). Gain +1B on next test (gain +1D w/ 3+ degrees of success).
Withdraw: Will (Dedication), result replaces Intrigue Defense till end of next round.
Mollify: Other Persuasion (12, +/- Disposition modifier). Restore Composure = your Persuasion, +1 point/degree of success.
Quit: Leave Intrigue Combat. Circumstantial repercussions.
Switch to Combat: Attack foe. Circumstantial repercussion.

Other Intrigue Combat Information

Changing Objectives: Foe(s) restore Composure points equal to their Will.
Recognition: Status (Difficulty 12-foe's Knowledge) for Disposition on meeting.
New Participant: Restore all Composure. Begin Intrigue Combat again.
Frustration: Reduce Influence damage by Will, -1D in Deception/Persuasion.
Yield: Offer up a compromise.
Destiny Point: Burn to choose outcome after defeat.

Intrigue without a full Combat

Status vs. Status: If Status is 3+ ranks higher than foe, automatically defeat him in a Simple with 1 successful Influence test.
Status vs. Disposition: Rating If Status is equal or higher than foe's Disposition Rating, You may automatically apply Influence without a test.
Simple Persuasion Action: Minor exchange. Persuasion vs. passive Will to raise Disposition 1 step/degree of success for a short time/scene.