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  1. FAGE System: Question on the ruebooks
  2. Lower Armor Ratings
  3. Titansgrave, D&D 5e Mashup
  4. [Survey] Which abilities are too good not to take?
  5. Curses & buffs stunts idea
  6. Freeport Races
  7. Ronin Round Table: Powers AGE -- modern firearms
  8. Fantasy AGE Game Master's Kit
  9. Ronin Round Table: Powers AGE -- Gifted Abilities
  10. Golemancy arcana
  11. Miniatures
  12. Rules Question on movement
  13. Defensive Stunts
  14. building an urban setting - Corrum
  15. My spin on flail weapons
  16. Weapon focus rules question
  17. Need an Assassin Vine. Do you have it?
  18. Two Handed Talent x Polearm Talent
  19. Risk VS Reward in Rolling Dice, Why Defense Should Be 8+Dex and Why 1d6+3 == 2d6
  20. Changing Arcana Talents
  21. Other "Gifts"
  22. Bestiary
  23. Fighting Styles vs. Weapon Groups
  24. Fantasy Age starting health
  25. Divine Blessings idea for input
  26. cyber limbs and cyber ware?
  27. Mass Effect AGE - What's the latest on fan conversions?
  28. D-AGE spells as Arcana
  29. How do you create NPC. Opinions needed
  30. Rules Question: Archers in Close Combat
  31. New encounter PDF series
  32. AGE without classes
  33. Stun and Fatigue rules idea
  34. What does FAGE do really well?
  35. DiBastet's Homebrew
  36. Live in or around the Longview/Kelso area? Get a free GM kit*!
  37. Fantasy AGE Game Master's Kit for UK Customers?
  38. How to name my Fantasy Age blog?
  39. Jeoph Baron, Beer Baron of Baron Beers : Titansgrave Chapter Four Remix
  40. [Feedback Request] New Ability set + attack/damage combinations
  41. Roleplay stunts in combat
  42. Rise of the Raven Queen campaign ideas
  43. New, OFFICIAL Titansgrave / Fantasy AGE Scenario
  44. Weapon Group Talents - Anyone on that already?
  45. Using Ability Combinations to Prototype Classes
  46. Theorycrafting: HP MP Equivalency
  47. New Fantasy Age Blog online
  48. TITANSGRAVE Suggestion for a name for this character?
  49. Tackeling HP-Bloat
  50. Need ideas for a sword name on campaign
  51. TITANSGRAVE Suggestions for a level 1 adventure?
  52. Hints for a new GM?
  53. Ideas for a Necromancer?
  54. Fantasy AGE: Titansgrave Item/Reousrce Guide Book
  55. Darkspawn for FAGE?
  56. Divine Stunts for a Romantic Campaign
  57. Had my first game yesterday, a transcript
  58. Stardust FAGE
  59. Alternative way of implementing advantage & disadvantage
  60. prepare a minor action, is it possible?
  61. Hello and Thank you FAGE
  62. Non-Class specific Specializations?
  63. Allowed to equip 2 weapons without dual weapon style?
  64. VladGenXs expanded classes
  65. Pre Generated NPCs
  66. Fantasy AGE: Fighting (Gore) Focus
  67. Armor Values, Penalty, and Strain Revamp Idea
  68. A Balance Theory for Daggers and 2H'ders
  69. [Design-Idea] Success-based Spell effects
  70. Fantasy Age and Titangrave expansions
  71. Fantasy AGE
  72. Homebrewed Vocal Arcana for Bard type players
  73. Collapsing "to-hit ability"
  74. Spanish Fantasy Age
  75. What are some of the more nonconformistic characters you've created or know of?
  76. House Rule Idea: Knockout Threshhold
  77. Are Warriors Underpowered?
  78. Kingdom Hearts/Finan Fantasy conversion ideas
  79. Emboldened focuses in the rulebook
  80. Starting money and reward money
  81. Path of Strength, Perception, Will Power
  82. Blue Rose using the Fantasy AGE rules?
  83. I got roped into running a Warcraft Campaign... Help with Homebrew rules requested!
  84. My random Titansgrave Quests
  85. Lightning Arcana
  86. Homebrew Paper Arcana
  87. Fantasy AGE Bestiary!
  88. Publishing Adventures and Settings that use the FAGE System
  89. Fantasy AGE class: the Emissary
  90. Fr3-dd-13
  91. Legal questions about about building an online FA bestiary
  92. The Bestiary Book: Bang for your Buck? Or: Exquisite for your Euro's?
  93. What Ability for Grenades? Erratum?
  94. My new FAGE quest player characters
  95. Blue Rose: Rhydan questions
  96. Sharpshooters and reloading
  97. AGE of Warcraft
  98. HeroLab Support?
  99. Radical idea
  100. A small treatise on the city of Eversummer, to be used in your own stories, if you want
  101. Feedback for a new specialization
  102. Surely it has already been done, but this is an idea for a Bard specialisation...
  103. Master Tactician - The intelligence warrior specialization
  104. AGE System supplements compatibility with Fantasy Age/Fantasy Age Bestiary?
  105. Starting Ability Focuses
  106. Free form Stunts
  107. Nearly a year since the Gencon release, any licensing news?
  108. Majestic Stars for Age
  109. Other AGE settings?
  110. Alternate AGE Character Progression
  111. Ghostbusters AGE (Brainstorm)
  112. The characters of Titansgrave, what class specialisation are they?
  113. Kung Fu Unarmed Style variants
  114. Valkana World Book?
  115. Preliminary Monte Carlo Attach Mechanics Results
  116. Steampunk power-armor feedback
  117. Fantasy Age Companion Question
  118. Weapon Damage + Ability...
  119. Ashes of Valkana-Season 2
  120. Some rule reworkings you might like
  121. A start for an adventure.
  122. Data Mining All the Adversaries
  123. Companion?
  124. Pondering Brawling
  125. Is there someone who can make a drawing of our party?
  126. Monthly Adventures
  127. [THINK-TANK] Alternative Damage system
  128. Some Dice Mechanics Ideas to throw at the idea wall
  129. Jumping, falling, and climbing
  130. Damage bonus changes
  131. I Am Converted!
  132. Gen Con: It's here!
  133. BRage magic vs Fage magic?
  134. Character and other sheets
  135. Character Sheet
  136. Fire Arcana vs Lightning Arcana
  137. Better Blunderbuss Rules
  138. For review: new arcana
  139. Dungeon Master Mike
  140. Free Form AGE Breakdowns?
  141. Armor Chart remake for better gaming
  142. Free TitansGrave Adventure
  143. magic expansion: cantrips and rituals
  144. New Talents and Specialisations
  145. Does AR stack or supercede?
  146. Tell Me Your House Rules
  147. Is there too much Mana?
  148. My Campaign Setting for Fantasy AGE (starting tonight!)
  149. True20 to FAGE?
  150. On Elves, to be used in your stories, if you want
  151. Exploding Damage Dice Question
  152. Stunt Charts as a DM Tool
  153. Quick Rule Clarification Help (Damage Type)
  154. One damage roll for multiple targets?
  155. Looking for Ideas or already made Katana/Daisho weapons for fantasy age
  156. Rolling Stats vs Buying Stats (Newbie GM)
  157. Tips and trick for Homebrew Talents and spells
  158. DAGE spells for a FAGE blaster mage
  159. Tomes of power?
  160. How strong is a horse?
  161. Blue Rose Buy In?
  162. 3rd Party Publishing?
  163. What if Spells had Minimum WP Requirement?
  164. The Hermits Road - A hi-res version of the map
  165. Steampunk vehicles idea
  166. Fantasy AGE on Facebook...
  167. Need help evaluating an homebrew
  168. The future of Titansgrave?
  169. New Talent: Brewer
  170. renewing a corssover idea
  171. Prices for magic and other items: comments wanted
  172. New Classes - Still in the rough
  173. Valkana, What is the Issue?
  174. Titans Grave on Roll20
  175. Companion News?
  176. The Great Church
  177. Homebrew Items
  178. New Blue Rose Monster
  179. Spell Building?
  180. Generalized Minimum Statistic Formula
  181. TitansGrave Map
  182. advantages and drawbacks idea
  183. Summoning, Companions, and Balance
  184. Mage Specializations question
  185. Critical failure!!!!
  186. Star Wars: Age of the Empire
  187. warriors comparison to mages
  188. Hybrid characters
  189. Easy task: Tell me why I should FAGE myself!
  190. Alternate Model for Movement and Ranged Attacks Balance
  191. Tome of Talent inquiry
  192. Question about spell damage
  193. Summoning in FA
  194. Brain storming: combat tricks and techniques
  195. Creating a Rigger specialization in Fantasy Age
  196. Weapon Qualities
  197. VladGenX's Supplement Rules
  198. Awarding experience for Ashes of Valkana
  199. Too easy even on 1st lvl?
  200. The Fantasy AGE Atomic Expansion
  201. Removing player agency with RAW
  202. Thoughts on Aza, FAGE Iconic Warrior
  203. How do you use Skirmish?
  204. Mythic Age
  205. Middle Earth: AGEs of Arda
  206. Ship Actions for Ship combat
  207. steampunk weapons and items ideas
  208. idea to improve immersion for a titansgrave inspired setting
  209. Ah Monsters!
  210. Age of Shadowrun Character Sheet
  211. Anyone planning to run a BRAGE game in the L.A. area?
  212. Mass Effect AGE adaptation
  213. Age of Alchemy Version 2 is now available for Palytest
  214. penetrating damage and inanimate objects
  215. Balancing Homebrew Item: Staff of Weasel Calling
  216. Shield bash?
  217. Thoughts from Cybernetics in Valkana
  218. Creating a Face specialization
  219. Exploring Movement and Area Calculations
  220. Poison/Traps in FAGE
  221. Too Many Types of Spell Duration
  222. Thoughts on reworking Backgrounds
  223. Doing away with levels?
  224. Skirmish, Pierce Armor, Min Con for AR
  225. Alternate Spellcasting ideas
  226. Companion/BRAGE new classes?
  227. Melee Combat/Melee Attack
  228. Is Stunning Attack one round, or many?
  229. Which existing campaign setting do you use?
  230. Third Party Publishers
  231. Thoughts on Abilities and Secondary Modifiers
  232. Which couple of house rules?
  233. Health bloat
  234. Cost of Horse Mount?
  235. Index of Adversaries by Threat Level
  236. Bard Specialization
  237. Shadow Dagger and Flame Blast - Errata?
  238. New rule idea, need some math
  239. Switched from Dragon Age to Fantasy Age?
  240. Point Dice Mechanics, CON WP to Calc Max HP MP
  241. Keeping the party together
  242. Free ''racial'' talent
  243. It begins
  244. Multiple Fighting Styles
  245. Mechanics for Stronger Talents
  246. Luck Dice Idea
  247. Ideas for a World of Darkness-inspired game
  248. Vehicle in titansgrave
  249. Class-Less Specialization idea
  250. Caution Using Advanced Tests