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  1. The Expanse RPG Kickstarter is live!
  2. Polyhedron Interviews Steven Kenson about The Expanse RPG
  3. Running the Quickstart Adventure
  4. Excitement
  5. Tactical-scale battlemaps for The Expanse
  6. Quick Question About Conditions
  7. Doors and Corners
  8. Events at GenCon
  9. Music for The Expanse
  10. The Expanse Release
  11. Expanse Errata Thread
  12. Regarding acceleration and travel times
  13. Rules Question: Defending from multiple attacks
  14. Statting the Yojimbo
  15. Rules Question: Running and Moving
  16. Rules Question: Fortune
  17. Ok! I need to say it!
  18. Game Modes
  19. Languages?
  20. Running the adventures as con-modules
  21. Questions and (possible) errata