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  1. Passive Telepathy
  2. Delete
  3. Character Sheet Builder
  4. Mutant City Blues conversion
  5. Complete noob wants some fun
  6. QuickStart charecter generator for lower pl
  7. Help working with a power
  8. Two devices with a shared power
  9. Any ideas for a rock and magma character?
  10. Brainstorming Help: Deathtrap plot
  11. A challenge worthy of a Mastermind
  12. PDF Character Sheet
  13. Mecha and Manga
  14. best way to create bolas?
  15. Origins Report
  16. D&D Using 3E M&M Rules?
  17. [Advertisement] M&M PbP Competition! - RGPCrossing's Outplay 2017!
  18. Light Absorption Powers
  19. Rogue's Gallery Book
  20. Character Help
  21. how to enter Alternate Effect of Strength damage in Hero Lab
  22. Mask with zoom lens.
  23. Help with a charecter power
  24. need gm advice for toxic player
  25. Hello, all
  26. Please help me complete my build
  27. Powers for an Incubus
  28. Question for old hands regarding trade-off advantages and JonL
  29. Hearing Heartbeats?
  30. Devices and Permanent Powers
  31. Character Build Question: Changing the Shape of Inanimate Objects
  32. Power for Improve Attack?
  33. Transform and Morph Seem too Broad
  34. Power Design - Weakening Attack Against Multiple Grappled Entitites
  35. Some Move Object questions
  36. Mimic Power Question
  37. Would Love Some Power Ideas
  38. First PL10 game. is this character op/power gaming?
  39. Has there been an official ruling on Affects Objects/Extra Effort and Construct characters?
  40. Shadow Themed Character
  41. Where's the tabletop player's locator?
  42. Communication Interdiction
  43. The Master's Tissue Compression Eliminator
  44. Basic Hero's Handbook
  45. Trying to figure out how to piece together a bizzaro power??
  46. Pulp supers
  47. Absent Stamina PC's taking damage? (3E)
  48. 3rd Edition Revised Rule Book?
  49. Reading order...
  50. Fear Aura
  51. Probably a dumb question about alien races
  52. time travel powers? 2e
  53. Alteration Effects and Sensory Affliction Effects
  54. Fantasy Supers?
  55. Converting Icons To MNM
  56. OFFERINGS anthology
  57. Diving into a network power?
  58. Trick bullets?
  59. Reactive teleport and a house rule, you though is balanced?
  60. Introducing Taking Back Freedom City, a Brand New Actual Play M&M 3E Podcast!
  61. possible antagonist idea.
  62. Shapeshift vs Metamorph
  63. House rules feedback requested!
  64. Lot of M&M goodness in the Hurricane Harvey Charity Bundle on DrivethruRPG/RPGNOW
  65. Requesting Help in Building a Touch-based Empath
  66. Seeking help with AI player character (M&M 3rd edition)
  67. Emerald City Squires (my campaign) request
  68. Revised GM Screen - Reference cards question
  69. Wanting to play online
  70. Omega Level Power Potential Concept
  71. Popeye as a superhero
  72. Movie monsters?
  73. New power descriptor(comic)
  74. Ability Scores, skills, and personality
  75. Freedom Approaches!
  76. Ranged wet willie?
  77. Twin characters?
  78. new BAMFcast - talking new 3rd Party Releases for M&M and comic stuff
  79. Marvel Universe campaign needs "minimal heroes" setting
  80. Mutants & Masterminds: Basic Hero's Handbook 2017 Release date?
  81. Custom Advantages, Features and Modifiers
  82. The Benefits of Benefit & Boons
  83. How would I make this power please?
  84. Help me build this character: A cybernetic limb that controls anyone it's installed on.
  85. Loonatics as mutants and masterminds characters
  86. Vampire pumpkins and squash
  87. KICKSTARTER Launched - this is a must back
  88. Rogues Gallery compilation
  89. Falling chunk of ceiling versus Move object beam (moved! Can you delete this post?)
  90. Context for power levels
  91. Doctor Destroyer, Firewing, Grond?
  92. BAMFcast - talking Superhero RPG Adventure Design with Kenson and others
  93. Interviewing Steve Kenson about Freedom City 3e on Wed @530pmET. We want your questions
  94. Metamorph and Equipment
  95. Newbie humbly asking for help with creating a character
  96. Where do you put Freedom City?
  97. This might be an odd question but....
  98. Spending Hero Points at the end of a game
  99. What's the best way?
  100. Monster Mash-Up: A FREE Mutants and Masterminds Adventure!
  101. Icus and friends?
  102. Gas gun
  103. Advice on a plot.
  104. New to M&M
  105. Inhibitor Collar
  106. Banana man?
  107. A character with chemical powers
  108. Need help with power concept Summon Game items
  109. Archetypes fir Hero Labs?
  110. Skills exceeding PL 3e
  111. Making a sapient sword character
  112. Skullcap ivy?
  113. Inventor, Enchanter, Ritualist Discussion
  114. M&M on another level: Wargame
  115. A couple of questions
  116. Pl 8 private detective help
  117. New player needing help making powers
  118. Gadget Guides show cost in PP or EP?
  119. [GM Help] Minions versus Heroic?
  120. M&M Adventures
  121. Freedom City 3.0, Dead Tree Edition
  122. Steampunk setting?
  123. Adapting to a changing medium
  124. I've been trying to use Ski's old excel sheet. Can't figure out how to make a device
  125. Help Creating a Stand/Stand User for a New player.
  126. New Player Creating a Stand User and Stand.
  127. New Player Creating a Stand User and Stand for M&M 3E
  128. Favorite/Best rpg?
  129. Having trouble finding...
  130. Test
  131. What Happens When a D&D Veteran Learns, Breaks, & Fixes M&M? Find Out!
  132. I am in need of some character creation advice
  133. Illusion damage power level limit
  134. How would you build a Christmas Special?
  135. Grinch converted to m&m?
  136. Rolling For Forgone Conclusions
  137. Looking for Complication advice for a character concept.
  138. Awareness and Detect
  139. Cumulative Damage Degrees
  140. New Ronin Round Table: Welcome to Freedom City
  141. Presence Damage
  142. M&M 3rd edition mystic explanation
  143. Can't Find Church and State!
  144. Has anyone tinkered around with reseting PL benchmarks?
  145. Seasons Greetings!
  146. Advice on building a power
  147. M&M Groups
  148. Crisis on Earth X adventure
  149. Happy New Year!
  150. Blink Teleport an Alternate Take
  151. Help with Variable
  152. Help on Character Build
  153. Unique problem with Freedom City 3e
  154. Comprehend to effect others at close range
  155. Any update on the collected Rouges Gallery
  156. Freedom City 3rd edition prints are shipping!
  157. Colour for a Campaign
  158. 2017 BAMFSIES Gamer's Choice Poll for Best Superhero RPG Release is Live
  159. Does this sound like a fair ruling for Dimensional Movement Attack?
  160. Real Duplicates?
  161. Earth-Prime Fiction: “Everyone: This Is Kevin”
  162. Skeleton form
  163. Steampunk power word?
  164. Experiencing a problem with Takedown
  165. Experimental Character Concepts
  166. Need help bringing character to completion
  167. Internal Damage?
  168. Power to inflict corruption points
  169. Hero Lab Files
  170. Is the +1 to power rank for Extra Effort underpowered for offenses?
  171. Alternatative to Adaptive Immunity
  172. True Duplicate
  173. Goofy walk?
  174. PL limit: are the atributes capped at all or can their potential be "wasted", buffing other stuff?
  175. Feint Maneuver: When do you use it?
  176. New Mutants and Masterminds Discord Server!
  177. Superseeds is on Patreon
  178. Need Help with a power concept. Re: Concealment power.
  179. Meta Marshal: Creating a Meta Batman-like character with insane martial arts.
  180. Teleport questions
  181. 3e First Character Build Advice
  182. An M&M Podcast!
  183. Miraculous?
  184. Question about 10th Anniversary Edition
  185. Bookmazo!
  186. Are Low-Level Characters' Fun?
  187. Typical material densities
  188. Wacky Races/Redline/Mad Max Build
  189. 3e Array Questions from a M&M Neophyte
  190. Help With Power Build 3E
  191. We Want Your Questions About The Basic Hero's Handbook
  192. PL8 122pp Mage - Help!
  193. Fighting, Parry, Close Combat: Flavor perspectives wanted
  194. What I learned from 5 years of M&M
  195. Make a Power that Relies on Taking Damage
  196. Custom Advantages
  197. M&M 2e; I'm new in M&M and want to know if I build these set of powers correctly
  198. BackHouse Comics
  199. Making Dr. Strange's Cloak a reality (M&M 3E)
  200. 3e M&M Regeneration Question
  201. Rogues Gallery compilation Pre-Order plus PDF is live!
  202. Archetypes
  203. My Rogue Gallery villains: Notes, Options, and Errata
  204. Can a Very Low Stamina/Fortitude/Toughness Character Be Viable?
  205. Mutants and masterminds noir not available for download any other books like this
  206. Yo-yo?
  207. Could I request some sheet help? Feeling old and rusty with a side of overwhelmed.
  208. M&M 3E Question: Werewolf By Night / Hulk / Jason Blood?
  209. How do you build a charm or 'betrayal' power?
  210. 3rd Ed Demo Game
  211. A New Player's Confusion about Arrays
  212. Creating Challenges
  213. M&M 4e?
  214. Diabetes complication?
  215. Building an odd kind of gravitic sense
  216. Advice on how to make this street gang a threat
  217. Are PDFs kept up to date with physical printings?
  218. Any Advice for Statting Villains
  219. Question: What power level would you say marvel vs capcom 2 is at?
  220. M&M 2e. How do you build a power based on barriers?
  221. Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Revised: Week 1 - Abilities
  222. After the Basic set?
  223. Toughness vs Dodge/Parry
  224. Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Revised: Week 2 - Skills
  225. How's the 3rd party content in the Bundle of Holding?
  226. Mutants & Masterminds Wiki
  227. Mutants and Masterminds as a tv show
  228. Statting a tree
  229. HELP! Made this hero and not sure if it is legal/viable
  230. Question about the Powerhouse archetype
  231. Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Revised: Week 3 - Advantages
  232. Rogues Gallery print arrived for me and disappointed at something
  233. Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Revised: Week 4 - Defenses
  234. Archetype Archive Equivalent for 3E?
  235. 3e Magic Item Help
  236. 3e Magic Item Help
  237. Location, Location and Unity
  238. Heat Sink/Radiation Sponge
  239. PL 6 Teleport Array
  240. PL6 limited Revenant Curse from DND 5e
  241. Postcognitive Investigation
  242. Basic Heroes Handbook up for pre order!
  243. PL 10 Battlesuit Superhero Modifiying from the archetype
  244. Mutants & Masterminds 10 Year Anniversary Edition Errata
  245. Kissing complication?
  246. Super Mario brothers as a power group?
  247. Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Revised: Week 5 - Powers
  248. H.E.R.O. Registration! Get the card before you hit the streets!
  249. How to make lairs and installations more helpful
  250. Help me name my Hero