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  1. Skari-dono's Sheets o' Characters
  2. Order of linked powers
  3. Transformers RPG Q's
  4. New to M&M.
  5. Looking for Los Angeles Area GM / Game
  6. Blog?
  7. Bug themed villian
  8. First character ever made - please help
  9. About the M&M Game Room
  10. Unspecified Sense Power
  11. New to 3E, considering a couple house rules
  12. Understanding Area and Multiattack modifiers
  13. PL vs skill benchmarks
  14. MnM Fantasy Hacks ?
  15. Any sci-fi/space-opera/sci-fantasy for MnM?
  16. Star Wars Supers Remix: 3E Campaign Season 1 After Action Report
  17. Resource Management
  18. Please vet my power
  19. I'm trying to take over the world!
  20. Shrinking and entering other people's body
  21. (Teen) Heroes and Freakish Appearances
  22. Device creation help
  23. How do you prep? Here's an example from my current campaign.
  24. Immunity
  25. What's the consensus on Defensive Roll?
  26. What is the Future of M&M3e?
  27. Variable Descriptor and Creating Weapons
  28. Grab and Affliction too weak?
  29. New here! Also, is there a particular subforum for homebrew materials?
  30. Resolving Lateral Victories
  31. 'Indiscriminate' Powers?
  32. Marvel Comics Heroes in M&M3e
  33. The tale of the worlds fastest M&M death
  34. Superhero Miniatures
  35. Will the GM's Kit be reprinted?
  36. Super Villain Handbook for M&M3E?
  37. Combat Sheet?
  38. Mechanically representing Dismemberment
  39. New April Fool's Day Threat Report
  40. Welcome to another edition of Thunderdome!
  41. Ready for a PbP game
  42. Bamf podcast - M&M3e news and Reboots, Retcons and the Batgirling of DC
  43. Optional Hit Point Rules
  44. PL 10 'Kryptonian'
  45. Environment House Rule Help
  46. Creating a damaging teleport power. Assistance needed.
  47. Rejects Super-Team
  48. Roles in M&M3e
  49. Avengers stlye Communicator Cards.
  50. Headquarters Power Level
  51. How to writeup Combat Precognition
  52. Shin Megami Tensi Question
  53. Player (not GM) LFG for Mutants and Masterminds 3e game (CST, available weekends)
  54. Gambit wannabe!
  55. Freedom City's Black Avenger?
  56. Alternate Movement Effects
  57. Dbz conversion idea
  58. 3e Froodom City?
  59. Cybertronian Template
  60. Variable "Temporal Tampering" Effects... Ideas?
  61. Character concept
  62. Arrays?
  63. "There's no time!" - Prep time and Degrees of Failure
  64. Experiences? Lethal Damage? Generic System?
  65. Rejigging a character
  66. on the latest BAMFcast we discuss Age of Ultron and prepare to giveaway a copy of Emerald City
  67. Summoning Devices
  68. New to the game.
  69. "Looting"
  70. ADAM Armor
  71. A new version of Aaron Allston's Strike Force, to include M&M version
  72. Request a build, submit a build thread?
  73. new GM needing character creation help
  74. Request for Geralt of Rivia
  75. A question about Gadget Guides
  76. Golden Age Teams
  77. how to make this move
  78. any chance of a fantasy conversion?
  79. Bigger than a Portal
  80. Steve Kenson and Chris McGlothlin talk about superhero TV - and some RPG news as well
  81. Doing some heavy modding to M&M
  82. Help representing a "cursed" device [3e]
  83. How can I make a "Rewind" power?
  84. Hero Lab images?
  85. Texas Flood Relief Bundle is live on RPGNOW
  86. M&M 3e Animal Mimicry Gun
  87. Construct Archetype and Will defense
  88. Rogues Gallery: Lady Lightning
  89. [3E] Breakpoints for measurements?
  90. Nonstandard Secondary Effects
  91. Introducing Psi-kick
  92. Rogues Gallery: Eclipse Syndicate
  93. Idea for a Bacto to the future style adventure ?
  94. The World's Greatest Screen (TWGS)
  95. How to make a "vehicle-character"?
  96. Rogues Gallery: The Embalmer
  97. How to Build A.I. Computer Characters?
  98. Punching For Justice!
  99. Rogues Gallery: Purple Haze and Scarlet Mist
  100. Shark Week!
  101. Anyone stat aliens and predators?
  102. Will there be a 3rd edition conversion for Freedom City?
  103. Some Thoughts On The 2e "Golden Age" Sourcebook (New To Me)
  104. Summon Point Cost Questions
  105. Rogues Gallery: The Osprey
  106. Looking for a group
  107. Hello all
  108. Building a Charismatic Hero
  109. Utility powers for a speedster?
  110. Advice on Encounter Design Needed
  111. Making a radiation controller / Paragon
  112. Rogues Gallery: Doctor Tectonic and a new Atlas of Earth-Prime: Western Europe
  113. need some villian ideas plz
  114. Laughing Affliction Power.
  115. Help me name my story arc
  116. Hi! New here, new player....newbie question. Could anyone clarify Immunity to me?
  117. Rogues Gallery: Arctic Fox
  118. Had a thought just for kicks and giggles
  119. I needed a quick build
  120. First draft of my first character. Insight and advice are MOST welcome
  121. Help me with a Unique Drawback/Power Set Up.
  122. Rogues Gallery: Pandemic
  123. Illusions and Powerlevel
  124. Gangster genre classics for a Planetary game?
  125. Super Villain Help
  126. How do you handle time travelers and knowledge of the future?
  127. Where do they get costumes?
  128. Coral Manipulation?
  129. 1st Ever Character Concept, Please Critique
  130. Modifying vehicles
  131. How to Create an "Advancing" Power
  132. Online games (VTT, not PbP)?
  133. Enhanced Strength & Attack Bonus
  134. Telekinetic Projectiles?
  135. Need help with a teleporting sword user.
  136. M&M with 3d6 or 2d10
  137. Atlas of Earth-Prime: Central Europe is out.
  138. Will there be a M&M 4th edition?
  139. Rogues Gallery: Tesla Girl
  140. Element Control
  141. New To Me: Hero High (2e)
  142. Hero High for 3e?
  143. [New to 3.E] Looking to put together Kamen Rider Amazon.
  144. Minions and Beneficial Effects
  145. Statting Original Mangog
  146. Rogues Gallery: Alchemistress
  147. shapechange the hard way, help. (2e)
  148. Painful Healing
  149. Which version of the rules?
  150. High Presence Character?
  151. The mechanical efficiency of attributes.
  152. Game Master Kit 3e.
  153. Rogues Gallery: S.E.L.F.I.E.
  154. Is True20 compatible with M&M?
  155. PL6 Superman?
  156. Ever go to a mechanic.....
  157. Character Help for new GM
  158. Character building help
  159. Rogues Gallery: Devil's Advocates and a new Atlas of Earth-Prime: Eastern Europe
  160. Character Who Knows Everything?
  161. What If..... Time Lords in M&M3e_ A question...
  162. To aru majutsu no Index
  163. Combat abilities for a knife master?
  164. First character advice under construction
  165. Tips for spicing up power sets?
  166. How do I build these powers in 2e
  167. Suggestions/Questions about a mecha game
  168. Rogues Gallery: IGT-92
  169. 2E longinius, the eternal soldier. How to build him?
  170. how do I put names in my signature that link to posts?
  171. Favorite Threat Reports character
  172. Any plans for AGE version of MnM?
  173. Grey Aliens.
  174. Rogues Gallery: Mercurial and a new Atlas of Earth-Prime: North Africa
  175. How to Build a Sword That Cuts Anything
  176. Created an advanced character chart spreadsheet.
  177. Help with a masterless swordsman character.
  178. Help with Crimson Fate
  179. Weapon Sentience.... Barely
  180. Musical Villian ideas?
  181. Help with a build?
  182. Introducing Myself
  183. Alternate starting PL and points
  184. Well now what do I do?
  185. Rouges Gallery: Mistress Hyde
  186. M&M 3e: All Star Intiative Assistance!
  187. Introduction and Help Making Characters
  188. New To Me: Iron Age Sourcebook
  189. Emerald City Knights Prologue: The Silver Storm NPC HeroLab Portfolio Files
  190. Second Edition SRD
  191. Help with power build
  192. Atlas of Earth-Prime: West Africa
  193. How did I miss Gadget guide and Suoernatural????
  194. Pulling the "relaunched character" trick
  195. Looking for a good supers game to get into.
  196. Favorite sort of hero to play
  197. Any chance of a Manga themed handbook?
  198. Batman is the ultimate criminal mastermind...
  199. Villain Ideas
  200. 2e Building these effects and is Transform Lethal?
  201. 3rd edition verion of Lockdown?
  202. new BAMF podcast is giving away a copy of Emerald City
  203. Medusa
  204. Help request; character needs work and I'm apparently a noob.
  205. The Annual
  206. Who's that girl?
  207. Atlas of Earth-Prime: Sub-Saharan Africa
  208. Rogues Gallery: Kathryn the Red
  209. Making characters
  210. 2e Going undercover, what skills are needed?
  211. who is your favourite loser?
  212. getting experience
  213. Where to stop PL and/or PP progression ?
  214. story arcs you would like to see and potential game ideas.
  215. change the world using 10pp or less.
  216. Making Deadpools real super power.
  217. Best Concept
  218. Room Temperature Semiconductors and changing the world.
  219. Why play 3e?
  220. why be a criminal?
  221. power builds and noob questions 2e.
  222. Rogues Gallery: Harbinger of the Far Tide
  223. Would Like Some Help on my Character (3e)
  224. Hunting down a Villain
  225. How would You Build...
  226. my napalm won't stick.
  227. Writing down powers on character sheets
  228. How to make these characters from once upon a time in 2nd edtion
  229. 2nd edition dragon
  230. Can someone help me make these characters from shows in 2nd edition
  231. Agents of Shields Power Level
  232. your favourite super hero scenes.
  233. How to design a logia devil fruit damage resiliance 2nd edition
  234. what is a machine?
  235. Pirate ships and cannons in 2nd edition
  236. Intuitive Aptitude - How would you build this?
  237. Discussion: Ghouls of the Tokyo kind
  238. Rogues Gallery: Rise of The House of Usher
  239. Atlas of Earth-Prime: Central Asia
  240. Ned help creating a character
  241. Dinosaurs 3E
  242. Posting images/artwork
  243. I just bought "Noir" (2006). Any Thoughts About It Before I Read It?
  244. New Player
  245. [3E] Sidekick?
  246. Earth-Prime and Rogues Gallery- Recommendations?
  247. What kind of questions to ask a Superhero?
  248. Having trouble wrapping my head around Character gen
  249. Pulls and knockbacks, can you make them?
  250. Stores & Supermarkets