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  1. No Jessica Jones thread? Jessica Jones thread.
  2. International Heroes and the Super Population
  3. new BAMF podcast talks best/worst of 2015 and the Super-Powered Bestiary
  4. Tmnt 2
  5. Independence Day: Resurgence
  6. Superboy's pre-Crisis Christmas
  7. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (spoilers thread)
  8. A Movie Titled "The Atomic Brain"?!?
  9. Monkey House Games in legal battle over trademark
  10. Should starships have high or low density crews
  11. Intresting Pins&memes
  12. What if there was no sliding timescale after Crisis on Infinite Earths
  13. Batman: Bad Blood
  14. Justice League vs Teen Titans trailer
  15. Justice League Action: New Cartoon Network animated series
  16. Captain America: Civil War
  17. Possible Young Justice Sesaon 3 on Netflix!
  18. The Magicians series on Syfy
  19. MARVEL Relaunches TIMELY COMICS To Bolster 'All-New All-Different' Titles
  20. The Dark Tower film
  21. Ghostbusters 2016
  22. R.I.P Paul Ryan
  23. Thought exercise: Hypothetical Power of Shazam CW series
  24. Daredevil Season 2
  25. DC Rebirth: News At Last
  26. Captain Britain coming to a TV near you?
  27. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  28. Cloak & Dagger the television series
  29. DC's new Young Animals imprint
  30. X-Men: Days of Future Past
  31. [Kickstarter] Mech: The Age of Steel crowdfunding has begun
  32. Trying to find a comic
  33. Keisha Carter is Mega Woman
  34. Ominous Press returns
  35. Savage Worlds Rifts Kickstarter
  36. Houdini and Doyle
  37. Star Wars: Bloodlines by Claudia Gray a.k.a "What the hell is the First Order"
  38. DC Rebirth Chat on BAMF Podcast
  39. R.I.P. Darwyn Cooke
  40. Harley Quinn-pool solo-ish film?
  41. DC Afterbirth, thoughts and reactions (Spoilers abound)
  42. AMC's Preacher
  43. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2
  44. Anybody recommend some comics to inspire my new game?
  45. Injustice 2
  46. BAMFcast talks Captain America: Civil War
  47. [Onyx Path] [V20] Beckett's Gehenna Diary
  48. The Colonel of Two Worlds & Crisis of Infinite Colonels
  49. Commendations of Current Comics
  50. Justice League SDCC Trailer
  51. Wonder Woman Trailer
  52. Captain Marvel 2019
  53. Justice League Dark Animated Film
  54. Stranger Things on Netflix
  55. Thor Elder God heritage.
  56. Kingdom Come and other DC futures (Maybe Marvel too?)
  57. The RAY!!! YAY!!!
  58. New Justuce League Trailer
  59. The Tick (Amazon)
  60. Wild Cards on Television
  61. Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders
  62. The Guardians Trailer
  63. Runaways (Hulu)
  64. Short Movies
  65. Straight outta Fangton and Cthulhu Armageddon
  66. R.I.P. Gene Wilder
  67. Rebirth thread
  68. The Flying Man (2013 short)
  69. Evolution of my comics buying.
  70. Will there ever be a new tabletop Marvel Rpg?
  71. Alan Moore retires
  72. Final battle against Evil. Who is on your team? Why?
  73. [Fallout 4] Nuka World DLC
  74. Avengers Relaunch
  75. M&M series.
  76. What's new with the big two: Marvel and DC Comics discussion thread.
  77. Toon Talk - Superhero (and other) animated series/film general discussion
  78. Warren Ellis reviving Wildstorm
  79. Mafia III - About as deep and meaningful as the Punisher meets Shaft but still fun
  80. Iron Fist : Coming to Netflix in March 2017
  81. Shin Godzilla. Impressions without spoilers.
  82. Can we talk about the X-men?
  83. Logan Trailer
  84. Steve Dillon, Co-Creator of ‘Preacher’ dies at 54
  85. Need Javascript help for M&M charsheet
  86. Behind the Scenes Video Regarding Marvel Studios
  87. IDW's Revolution
  88. Young Justice season 3 officially in production
  89. Golden Age Champions Kickstarter
  90. Joe Singleton's Ad Astra-Complete Web series
  91. U.S.Avengers Allocation
  92. The Ronin Army has increased in size!
  93. Recommend some Science Fiction and Space Opera
  94. Star Wars: The Old Republic
  95. Star wars: Rogue one
  96. R.I.P. Carrie Fisher
  97. Bamf Podcast talks Superhero Cartoons and RPGs
  98. Teen Titans: The Judas Contract Animated Movie Trailer
  99. Samurai Jack Season 5 trailer
  100. LEGION - FX series
  101. The Golden Guard Kickstarter
  102. Orichalcum found in real life
  103. Kong: Skull Island
  104. The Powerverse Kickstarter
  105. I just want to vent for a minute...
  106. Prowlers & Paragons
  107. Looking for a book title
  108. Guardians of the Galaxy 2
  109. BLACKOUT: The Eradication Protocols
  110. The Powerverse Kickstarter
  111. The Powerverse
  112. Captain America: Steve Rogers 17#
  113. Wonder Woman (2017)
  114. Adam West, TV's Batman, has died
  115. Fox is Rebooting FF... Again...
  116. Superhero subgenres ?
  117. Defenders (Aug. 18)
  118. Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite
  119. Midnight Tiger Ongoing Series Kickstarter
  120. Las vegas Shooting, 50 dead
  121. Thor: Ragnarok review
  122. Friday the 13th the Game
  123. Is it a Plane? Kickstarter
  124. Book sales and deals
  125. [Vampire: The Masquerade] [5E] Wow, there's a Chicago by Night Kickstarter
  126. You as a lantern
  127. Titans/Doom Patrol live-action
  128. [MCU] What If