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  1. [2e] Absorption
  2. Another FAQ
  3. A Question on Countering [3rd Edition]
  4. Doing Animate Objects in 3e
  5. Is Immobile worthless for a Snare effect?
  6. Questions about Regeneration
  7. Weaken
  8. Linked Powers - simultaneous or not?
  9. Triggered Effects in an Array
  10. Can Arrays Be Built From Extras?
  11. [2e] How to make a ghost that can be banished by removing an amulet
  12. Drain/Weaken Toughness vs Impervious Toughness
  13. I want to play a game...
  14. Weapon Master: Powers with weapons with multiattack
  15. Can I All-out attack while defenseless?
  16. Characters with slow movement
  17. How to rule powers?
  18. Questions about Fighting Ability, Close Attack & Close Combat Advantages, and Close Combat Skills
  19. Energy Aura variant
  20. Any house rules or guidelines on power/equipment arrays?
  21. Create
  22. Weaken Objects
  23. [2e] Induce Phobia
  24. [3E] Direct Hit (Heavy Weapon) or partial area
  25. How,what?
  26. Affliction Conditions
  27. A couple of questions about skills MM 2nd
  28. Skill results table after 30 MM 2nd
  29. "You suck!" Character creation help
  30. PL limits on Illusion?
  31. Dual Wielding Weapons
  32. Withstand Damage
  33. Grappling in 3e: How does it work?
  34. Houserule Input: Defenseless
  35. Immunity Clarification
  36. Impervious goes down with failed toughness saves?
  37. Summoning as an attack?
  38. Space travel (M&M 2) without flight
  39. Regeneration & Fades
  40. Deluxe Hero's Handbook & Cubic Volume
  41. Electrified weapons
  42. 3E: Dealing with Mechs
  43. When a GMC wants to spend a Hero Point
  44. Move Object -- are people objects?
  45. Players using area effects incorrectly
  46. Grabing vs Flying or Teleporters
  47. House Rule: Punching Through Barriers
  48. House Rule: Excellent attack rolls give you "boosts"
  49. Rule Question - Easily Removeable vs Removeable
  50. Grenades, Explosives, Areas of Effect and Critical's?
  51. Worm - How would you model Skitter's insect swarm
  52. Immunity puzzlement
  53. Grab Question (that was probably answered before)
  54. Need help modeling a power-set.
  55. (3E) Penetrating Extra...
  56. Confusion about Super-Speed
  57. Insubstantial and an Affliction usable only in that form
  58. luck control and Secondary effect
  59. Need a bit of help on character creation
  60. Limited Flaw
  61. Balancing houserule: hero point spend to make opponent reroll an attack
  62. healing question.
  63. Detect Magic
  64. Permanent to Continuous
  65. Moving all out
  66. Combat Questions
  67. No Ability Score and Immunity
  68. Mystic point total - Astral Projection
  69. Weaken Toughness on Objects
  70. Deflect Area effects?
  71. Question about Weaponmaster Archetype
  72. The scope of Impaired/Disabled
  73. knowledge checks in 3e?
  74. Absolute intimidation with no in intimidation score
  75. Perception Range, Selective, Bust Area Damage Effect and Resistance
  76. countering and advantages
  77. Animal Magnetism
  78. Immunity at 20 ranks, what do you think belongs here?
  79. Power that diminishes the smaller the hero gets
  80. Linked Attacks and Criticals
  81. Grab and toss...
  82. Power Control with sprinkles on top...
  83. Move Object - Combat Mechanics
  84. A Harpoon gun as Equipment.
  85. Alternate effect question
  86. Duration of Extras
  87. So how much is too much?
  88. Elongation and Grab bonus
  89. Does Partial concealment stop Perception attacks?
  90. Suitable replacement for Teleport Attack
  91. Growth, defense limits and caps
  92. Help me with Combat and damage tracking?
  93. Triggered Flat Extra & Alternate Effects
  94. Character Help - ambidextrous?
  95. how bad do a complication have to be?
  96. Requesting help with a couple basic rules questions
  97. Improved Improved Grab?
  98. Gravity Descriptor?
  99. Reaction Damage
  100. Continous Aura power?
  101. Perception?
  102. What exactly qualifies as "Kinetic Energy"
  103. Question about alternate form
  104. Side Effect 1 on an area attack
  105. Weaken Speed: Negative Ranks?
  106. Instant Recovery on Instant Duration Afflictions
  107. Does anyone else have a problem with the way Growth / Shrinking work ?
  108. Perception Melee Attack
  109. Help with the math, please
  110. TV Transmission (Communication)
  111. Self Piloting/Summonable/?Gadget?/Character Vehicles
  112. Falling and catching example - Did I get this right?
  113. Two minds, one body
  114. Another question on rules
  115. Healer Concept Question, AKA: I may be over-complicating things
  116. Does the first rank of the Improvised Weapons provide a +1 damage bonus?
  117. Song based character? Would this work?
  118. Team Defense character. Would this work?
  119. New to M&M, help with a concept
  120. Threat Report Question
  121. How to make a "flaming weapon" power...
  122. Quick Question on Move Object + Throwing Mastery
  123. Wrapping My Head Around the Super-Fast
  124. [3e] Transform Power question
  125. Alternate effect and Continuous
  126. Mind Shield via Immunity Mental?
  127. Super Speed and Sonic Booms
  128. Basic 3e rules questions
  129. Side Effect 2 Question
  130. Technopathy Power
  131. Cobat caps modification and extra effort
  132. Periscope weapons (Cover)
  133. Daze Advantage--what's the use for it?
  134. Linked Powers and The Power Level Limit?
  135. The Xanatos Gambit?
  136. Clarification on the Multiattack Extra for a single target (3 e).
  137. Move-by-Action and Extra (and Extraordinary) Effort
  138. Falling object damage
  139. Mental Awareness question
  140. Making a Random Array (2nd Edition)
  141. Afflictions +15
  142. Power Lifting and Throwing
  143. Multiple Alternate Forms?
  144. 3e Regeneration is giving me a headache
  145. Perception Area cost for close attacks?
  146. Impervious Defense: Toughness and power level limits
  147. Create, Move Object...what damage rank for Objects?
  148. Question on Porting M&M 3e Elements Back into M&M 2e System
  149. Making Fake Expert in 3rd
  150. immunity life support
  151. Area + Ranged + Range Penalties
  152. Feedback questions
  153. Recovering from affliction/weaken effects?
  154. Create Object Volume Question
  155. Feedback Flaw with "Alternate Saves"
  156. Damage over time question.
  157. Machine Controller questions
  158. Resurrection power 20-minutes?
  159. Improved Charge...
  160. Shapeable Area, How Is It Supposed To Work?
  161. Source Flaw
  162. Defensive Roll...How does it really work?
  163. The limits of Tether and the implications of Permanent Create..
  164. Wealth and Buying Equipment
  165. Check Required...
  166. Linked Tripping...
  167. Subtle Strength
  168. Gently persuading you to be my human shield: Pain Compliance Arm Locks...
  169. Hit em hard and knock em down. A Boot To The Head production...
  170. Grab 'Em, Choke 'Em Throw 'Em..
  171. Pressure Points: Dim Mak Baby!
  172. Immunity vs Specific Extras
  173. New to M&M: Limited teleport attack
  174. Nullify questions
  175. Quick Noob Questions
  176. The way I want to do Growth/Shrinking.
  177. Jack-of-All-Trades and Expertise
  178. Computer Hacking
  179. Question About Mist...
  180. Summon, Variable Type(Broad) or Variable(Summon Effects)
  181. Question About Claws and Enhanced Senses
  182. Perception and Sensory Powers
  183. Teleport Based Affliction Attack
  184. Immunity to Fortitude Effects...
  185. Invention / Ritual / Artifact re-use
  186. Trying to replicate some Video Game Effects:
  187. Affliction Questions
  188. Vehicle costs
  189. Damage Resistance
  190. Magic Death Ray
  191. Shapeshift
  192. Blinding Burst
  193. Dying
  194. Shapeshifting Character Build
  195. Ice Sword
  196. Improvised Weapon Advantage
  197. Speedster Build
  198. Increased Action Flaw
  199. Insubstantial 3 and Immunities
  200. Condition Cards?
  201. Interaction Check
  202. Takedown in an Area Attack
  203. Quickness, Skill Mastery, and Artificing/Inventing/Ritualist
  204. Provide Care Question
  205. Applications of Subtle Strength
  206. Accurate Attack
  207. Bestowing powers on others in 3rd?
  208. Gliding, etc.
  209. Getting away with anything
  210. Damage and Variable Descriptor. Just checking to see if I'm doing this right.
  211. Is "impaired/disabled/unaware limited to vision" necessarily worth a -1 flaw?
  212. Senses
  213. Mystic vs Magical, what is the difference?
  214. Most Power-Gamer thing EVAR^^
  215. Running at +1 Speed Rank... Non-stop [3 ed]
  216. noticed an odd thing in acrobatics skill
  217. Character building questions from a new player.
  218. Vehicles & Character combat?
  219. Triggered as Instant
  220. Double Crit?
  221. Concentration on Perception Ranged Affliction - is there a point?
  222. Jack Of All Trades and Expert Skills
  223. New player thoroughly confused with powers
  224. Hero Point and Power Point advice please.
  225. Trade offs and general charecter creation limits(3E)
  226. [1e] How is Cyclone's Armor worth 70 points?
  227. [3rd Edition] Gadgets and Equipment Help.
  228. Immortality Homebrew
  229. Flying Prone
  230. Gliding Flaw
  231. Vehicle numbers not adding up
  232. Multiple Attacks [Closed]
  233. Damage Modifiers and Power Attack
  234. Why does multiattack have ranks?
  235. All-Out Attack and Power Level Cap on Attack Bonus+Effect Rank
  236. Making a power obvious but the source secret?
  237. Killing Ghosts
  238. Speedster Area Disarm Question
  239. Cumulative Affliciton - stacks with preexisting conditions?
  240. Energy Leech
  241. M&M 3e Counter Concealment
  242. 3e question in re: Affliction, Cumulative, and Extra Condition
  243. Linking Arrays
  244. Construction Creation
  245. Regeneration Sequencing
  246. Remote Sensing w/ Feedback (I'm looking at you, Big Brain)
  247. Power Stunts and additive powers
  248. Area Imperviousness as a Forcefield
  249. Dynamic Summoning
  250. 3e Gestalt?