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  1. Alternately Resistant Damage: Base 15 or 10?
  2. Multiattack + takedown?
  3. Shielding and automatic return
  4. Ridiculous Regen
  5. Need help making a power...
  6. Weaken Power vs. Toughness of Devices
  7. Contagious Possession
  8. Movement: Permeate and Suffocation and other related Questions.
  9. Area Attacks and Equipment/Devices
  10. Extra Effort questions
  11. Affliction Thrid Degree
  12. Detect vs. Awareness and No default sense attributes?
  13. 2e Question - Please Help!
  14. 2nd Edition to 3rd Edition conversion
  15. Upgrade to new rules question
  16. Newbie Character Creation Power Question
  17. help with teleport array
  18. 3rd ed book, Force Field Rules Missing?
  19. Need Help- IllusionistHero 3E
  20. Replacing memmories or "Men in Black" neur-o-lizer
  21. Question on Impervious
  22. Matter Eating in 3E
  23. Redirect action?
  24. "Turbo" Power, how to define it?
  25. Alternate Effects (Array) Question *SOLVED
  26. Lots of questioning following a bunch of new people playing the game.
  27. Concealment and Perception
  28. Need Combat help
  29. RWBY-Inspired Character Concept (New GM/Players; Issues & Trouble)
  30. Weather Controller: Dense Fog
  31. "Naked Advantages"
  32. Laser King: Targeting two opponents with two effects
  33. Villain Building Question
  34. Absorb heat energy to produce heat effects...
  35. Area Emphatic Healing
  36. Reaction Modifier questions
  37. Unreliable & side-effect?
  38. Equipment and AoEs
  39. Grab checks
  40. Limitations to Power Mimicry
  41. Player base guarded by constructs
  42. A small question-mountain from a newbie
  43. "Summon" a battlesuit?
  44. Lethality - Does anyone else do it this way?
  45. HQ original feature
  46. Shapeshifting Help
  47. Attacks against non-standard defenses...
  48. A New Approach to Knockback: THROWN
  49. Damage, Recovery & Regeneration
  50. Reversible extra
  51. 6 gauge shotgun stats
  52. Close Attack Skill and Close Combat Advantage
  53. Are Reaction Effects or Minions ever appropriate for PC's?
  54. Mythic Weaknesses?
  55. Assist an escape?
  56. How would you price this flaw?
  57. Howto? : help me build this concept
  58. Removable -- Halfway?
  59. Resisted by Will -- NOT +1 IMO
  60. A quck question, Power or feature?
  61. Devices and Detect?
  62. Power Stones?
  63. Drawback or Complication?
  64. Races - pure noob question
  65. Curing Afflictions with Nullify Question
  66. Defensive roll and All-out attack
  67. 2 questions 1st area effects, 2nd manuvers
  68. Repulsor Disks. How to?
  69. Military Rank in 3e?
  70. Is Rank 0 Morph possible?
  71. Reduced Measurement Table?
  72. Clearing Up Insubstantial 4
  73. Need help with a 2e concept
  74. Quick Start Totem Feline Movement water walking only on solid surface. What?
  75. Movement and Innate
  76. Homing Question
  77. Force Fields
  78. Villain Power Level Mix
  79. Aiming
  80. Power Questions
  81. Multiple weapons on a vehicle with gunners
  82. Hulk-Like Transformation
  83. Stopping electronic devices...
  84. Opinion on variable: limit or quirk
  85. Clarifying Deflect
  86. Creating Living Machine Robots
  87. Help on building a villain idea
  88. Different sets of powers?
  89. Fire Charge and Create Attack
  90. Optional rules for slower damage recovery -- feedback wanted!
  91. Two Questions Regarding Area and Obscure
  92. Absence of an ability combined with Enhanced Ability
  93. Considering a new PRE skill: Inspiration
  94. Simple rules for new players
  95. Prediction Power
  96. Tripping with multiple close combat skills
  97. Elongation's grab modifier
  98. Defensive Roll, Active Defenses, and Shields.
  99. Armor as an array
  100. Variable Device (2nd ED) help
  101. Shapeable Area houserules?
  102. Ceiling vs Move Object
  103. Pocket / Pdf rules for new players
  104. [2E] Components for Jury Rigging
  105. Healing/Regeneration advice
  106. Vampire's Kiss
  107. Strength damage AE clarification
  108. Life Support 3E
  109. Tactical Luck Control
  110. Maximum trait rank?
  111. Using Fe-Advantages how would one simulate MMA?
  112. Strength AEs as New Martial-Arts Advantages
  113. Adding flaws and extras to powers AFTER character creation?
  114. Instant Duration Super-Strength?
  115. Concentration duration ranged damage power and power/accurate attack
  116. Vehicle and Equiptment Calculation
  117. Help me out understanding combat with Fight, Damage and Affliction
  118. Extra Limbs Not Based on Strength
  119. Vehicles Strength
  120. Strength scales and speed for more non powered characters
  121. Trying to create a power boosting item
  122. Weaken and derived traits
  123. Creating an effect
  124. Climbing Grab
  125. [2E] Making a literal lightning speedster
  126. Expertise for Interaction Skills
  127. The ability not to sleep
  128. Help with a power pls!
  129. Sense vs Sense Type
  130. Wonder Twins (and other combined power users)
  131. multiple minions
  132. Extra limb and Team check´s bonus. Needing a advice
  133. [2E] Slow Acting Flaw?
  134. Clarification on Teleport
  135. Why don't equipment costs reflect being removable?
  136. Area Move Object and Damage
  137. Double the area range?
  138. Sensing Within Your Own Concealment/Environment
  139. [2E] Vulnerable Areas
  140. Variable and removable... can you double dip?
  141. [2e] Rush for Damage?
  142. (2nd Edition) Device question
  143. Question about immunity of half effect
  144. [2E] Mind Reading Recognition
  145. Power as Written Clarification Needed
  146. Lucifer's Power (from the TV show)
  147. How to make a Linked Concealment/Insubstantial power not work for one particular person?
  148. Shrinking a battlesuit
  149. Can you buy off limitations?
  150. Selective Communication
  151. Sound generation powers
  152. Question About The Star Knights
  153. 2E Teleport Questions
  154. Power Profiles - General Questions
  155. Resistible flaw with althernate resistance extra
  156. Does Restorative Healing remove damage AND restore points with a single use?
  157. Please help me with this power build?
  158. Move Object vs Area Move Object
  159. Attack Through Medium?
  160. Move Object Power-Stunt to Area Move Object?
  161. 2e - Alternate Form & Projection Extra
  162. Modifier Stacking?
  163. Limited Degree (Third Only)?
  164. Newbie combat/power question
  165. Moving Fire
  166. Question about Linked
  167. A Question about Strength ...and Statues
  168. How to hit with area burst etc..
  169. Why doesn't PL cap everything?
  170. Question: Sense [Communication Link Power]
  171. [2E] Addison's Disease
  172. Resistance to Psychotropic Drugs
  173. Traveling to the Upside-Down
  174. Create power tricks
  175. Activation and Skill Thread
  176. What exactly does using 3d6 or 2d10 look like compared to the base game?
  177. Need help working a power out
  178. Imaginative actions that aren't power stunts?
  179. How to build MCU Mirror Dimension powers in 3e?
  180. Floating power (floating above the ground)
  181. Temporary wings?
  182. Is the Defend Action worth it?
  183. Grab weirdness
  184. Enhanced trait with powers
  185. modeling Tony Stark's remote for IronMan Armor
  186. Grenade vs Super Man
  187. AI character that can inhabit robotic bodies
  188. (2e) Critical - Trip
  189. So What Did I Miss?
  190. Inverting Effects
  191. Covering Fire
  192. Force Fields - Large Area and Group
  193. Vehicle Costs
  194. Some PL and limitation questions
  195. Favored Environment
  196. Summoner
  197. Instant Move Object (Ignore Cover/Barriers)
  198. On Lairs and Locations
  199. Incremental Growth and Shrinking
  200. Stunts
  201. Nullify Issues
  202. Nullify and Immunity: Descriptor talk
  203. Omniscience
  204. Ultimate Effort (Super-Speed checks) - What does it do?
  205. Vehicle Power Level Questions?
  206. How Would You Create Durable Illusions?
  207. Nullify light question
  208. 2E Redundant Drawbacks -- Involuntary Transformation/Power Loss?
  209. New to M&M 3rd: Am I doing damage correctly?
  210. Regeneration Questions
  211. Deflection Question
  212. "Stunt" actions always AE's?
  213. Quickness as Entropy
  214. Tiring, continuous and containers...
  215. Worth counting as a full-fledged Limitation or only a Quirk?
  216. M&M 3e Concealment in combat
  217. Strength-based Damage powers with different descriptor types.
  218. Power effect combo creation question
  219. Insubstantial attack
  220. Alternate Form always on
  221. Dynamic effects and "Dialing back" effects
  222. Power Walker/Rig: Device or Equipment?
  223. Adding Knockback as an extra to a close attack.
  224. Move Object and tossing things
  225. house rules for array point cost
  226. Energy Absorption, not by the book...
  227. Split-Personality Power
  228. Skill Mastery and routine checks
  229. Gadget Guide: Grabbing X modifier?
  230. Advantage to swap one attribute for another on a skill still good?
  231. Mimics
  232. Staggered
  233. Action Bomb... how to do it?
  234. Fear Aura
  235. Snake-person help
  236. Powers whose effects depend on the target?
  237. 3E how to make zombie and ghost bound to each other?
  238. Arrays
  239. Clarifying Critical Hits with Affliction
  240. Precognitive Visions
  241. Growth, Mass, and Density
  242. How would you Build this Character (Create/Battlesuit)
  243. [3e] How often is Initiative rolled?
  244. Any RAW way to make Resistible Morph have a higher DC than 14?
  245. “Affects Others” Questions
  246. Omni-Blade
  247. new house rule: TACTICS
  248. Moveable Create?
  249. House Rule thoughts on high defs vs high tough
  250. Triggered involuntary movement - the banana conundrum