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  1. Freedom's Heroes at War: OOC
  2. [2e IC] New Vindicators Academy of Europe #25: Jeopardy!
  3. Freedom League: Rebirth (OOC, Recruiting 1)
  4. Justice Legion - Supers vs Aliens - OOC
  5. Justice Legion - A League of Their Own - IC
  6. New Vindicators Academy of Europe (OOC - Full)
  7. [2e OOC] Infinite New Vindicators (On Hiatusl)
  8. [2e IC] Infinite New Vindicators of the Americas -
  9. Framily Plan: Apprenticeship Initiative 3e; (OOC)
  10. [2e] Wild Cards Agents of FBI: One of Us [IC]
  11. [2e] Wild Cards Agents of FBI [OOC][Canceled]
  12. [2e] Terminusscape[OOC Finished]
  13. [2e] Terminusscape: Plucking Light From Darkness [IC]
  14. [2e IC] Emerald City Knights (completed)
  15. [2e OOC] Emerald City Knights OOC
  16. [3e IC] Adventures Assemble S2E3: Call to Arms!
  17. [3e OOC] Adventures Assemble! by kenseido & Ysariel (OOC)
  18. [2e OOC] Paragons of the New World
  19. Chaotic Fiction Shadowrun 3rd edition
  20. Star Wars: The Old Republic OOC and Roll call
  21. [2e OOC] Gulf Coast Guardians
  22. Heroes Unlimited OOC
  23. [3e OOC] Crinosverse: San Antonio Avengers
  24. Crinoverse Vanguard MTA (OOC) Closed
  25. DC Beyond: The Second Head (One-Shot, Recruitment)
  26. [3e OOC] Crinosverse: Time After Time (OOC)
  27. Crinoverse: Young Avengers (OOC)
  28. [3e OOC] A Whole Family of Supers OOC (ended)
  29. Thread Prefixes: Question
  30. Crinoverse: Young Avengers (IC)
  31. [3e IC] Just testing
  32. [2e IC] Gulf Coast Guardians
  33. [3e IC] Crinosverse: SA Avengers
  34. [3e OOC] Xaviers Pokemon Institute
  35. [3e OOC] Albright Institute (On hold)
  36. [3e OOC] FORCE Ops
  37. [3e OOC] World of Shadows: FORCE Ops/Freedom League Crossover
  38. Heroes Unlimited: Rise of the Sphinx
  39. [3e IC] Super Framily Apprenticeship Plan (IC)
  40. [3e IC] Crinosverse: Time After Time: Finale
  41. The Labyrinth School for Metas (OOC- Closed)
  42. The Labyrinth School for Metas (IC)
  43. Star Wars: The Old Republic Episode 3 The Storm Breaks
  44. [3e OOC] The LC Foundation (recruiting 2-4)
  45. [3e IC] The LC Foundation Ep. 1: A Matter of Awareness
  46. [3e IC] A Whole Family of Supers : More
  47. [3e IC] The Era of Madness
  48. [3e OOC] The Era of Madness
  49. Ultimate Showdown: Tournament style OOC
  50. [3e IC] You are not the boss of me
  51. [3e IC] World Of Shadows (FORCE Ops/Freedom League Crossover)
  52. [3e IC] Freedom League: Rebirth- Chapter 2: They Say You Want an Evolution
  53. [3e IC] Freedom's Heroes at War!
  54. [Freestyle] Shadowrun 2076: The Good, The Bad, and the Orky
  55. [3e OOC] 4 options, Voting followed by recruitment.
  56. [3e OOC] The Injustice Gang
  57. [3e OOC] Young Injustice [game cancelled]
  58. [3e IC] Injustice Gang: Chapter 6- If at first...
  59. [3e IC] Young Injustice
  60. [2e OOC] Miracle High (game cancelled)
  61. [3e OOC] Super- fantasy. 3e ooc. Recruitment
  62. [3e OOC] Freedom League Unlimited. 3e ooc. Recruitment
  63. [3e IC] Albright Institute (on hold)
  64. [3e OOC] You are not the boss of me
  65. Crinoverse Vanguard MTA, Chapter 4: Cup Dreams
  66. [2e IC] Paragons of the New World
  67. [3e OOC] Recruiting 2 Players: Marvel Cinematic based game, SHIELD Agents
  68. [3e OOC] Age of Heroes - Chapter 2: Gods & Monsters
  69. [2e OOC] White Sands, Dark Nights
  70. [3e IC] Xaviers Pokemon Institute
  71. Apologies for My Absence
  72. [3e OOC] Villains: Breakout. (Oneshot, recruitment.)
  73. Ultimate Showdown: Tournament Style IC
  74. [3e OOC] Eberron (Forgotten Forge, etc.)
  75. [3e OOC] Heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom
  76. [3e IC] Eberron (Forgotten Forge, etc.)
  77. [3e OOC] King of Fighters XX
  78. [2e IC] Miracle High
  79. [Interest Check] Be A Hero!!! (And recruitment if there's interest)
  80. [3e IC] Heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom
  81. [3e IC] Freedom League Unlimited
  82. [3e IC] Super- fantasy.
  83. [3e OOC] The Fall of Metropolis [Recruiting]
  84. looking for group, not play-by-post, and questions about campaign design
  85. I'm still alive...
  86. [3e OOC] An idea for a gm to run with
  87. Recruiting and Active Games
  88. Ghost Town: An Emerald City Adventure
  89. [3e IC] villains: Breakout
  90. [3e IC] Be A Hero!!!
  91. [3e OOC] Be A Hero!!
  92. Ideas of Possible Interest
  93. Idea for a Game (Recruiting and Interest measure)
  94. jemal issues
  95. The Making of the President 2016 OOC:
  96. [3e IC] The Fall of Metropolis
  97. Freedom League Rebirth (OOC)
  98. Mugen No Odyssey: Mythological Space Opera (3E, Recruiting)
  99. Fall of Metropolis Characters and Others
  100. Scanning for interest for an idea
  101. [3e OOC] interest in a game idea, Midworld Academy of Arts
  102. Interest for a game set in the bleach universe
  103. New (Hopefully Sci-Fi) game interest check
  104. Interest Check Ideas
  105. Short absence by Watchman
  106. [3e OOC] Mugen No Odyssey
  107. [3e OOC] Jemals Cosmic Seed Hunt (Aborted)
  108. Recruitment
  109. [3e IC] Midworld Academy of arts
  110. [3e OOC] Injustice Gods Among Us (game cancelled)
  111. [3e IC] Mugen No Odyssey
  112. [3e OOC] Time of Apes
  113. Rogue Republic M&M 3E. We already have 40 players, looking for more.
  114. [2e OOC] Misfits of the New World (cancelled)
  115. Fantasy Adventures
  116. [3e OOC] Mystics Against Humanity (Closed)
  117. Interest Check: Power Struggle Maybe Teen Campaign
  118. [3e OOC] Power Struggle: Forge City (OOC Thread - Positions Filled)
  119. Cybertron: Alpha 405
  120. [3e IC] Time of Apes: Scene 4
  121. [3e IC] Power Struggle: Forge City (Current Chapter - Enter Despair)
  122. Hello
  123. Interest: Idea for a game in the DC universe.
  124. Jemal Moving
  125. [3E/modified] GM Wanted: Various Game Ideas
  126. Potential Green Lantern concept. Crowd-sourcing ideas
  127. [3e OOC] Recruiting : A dawn of a new era. (DC)
  128. [3e OOC] Campaign concepts`
  129. [3e IC] [Fantasy Adventures] The Journey Begins
  130. Apologies for my extended absence
  131. [2e IC] Stories of the New World
  132. [3e IC] Mystics Against Humanity
  133. [3e OOC] Cobalt_Blue-verse: Wyndgate Academy (Defunct)
  134. [3e OOC] Down in the Underneath (Closed)
  135. Interest Check for a game in the Assassin's Creed Universe
  136. Interest Check: The Freedom City Job 3E
  137. [3e OOC] A dawn of a new era
  138. A message to my players and those running games I am in
  139. Apologies for my absence
  140. [2e IC] Misfits of the New World
  141. [3e IC] A dawn of a new era- Act 1: Genesis
  142. [2e OOC] Wild Cards: High Stakes (never mind)
  143. I'm gone
  144. Anyone here playing via Roll20?
  145. Ideas for games i would like to play
  146. [3e IC] Down in the Underneath: Ch1 The Thing
  147. [3e OOC] Extreme Unction OOC
  148. Heroes, Monsters and McGuffins [full]
  149. [2e OOC] The Mythic World (failed)
  150. Heroes, Monsters and McGuffins [Prologue]
  151. Jemal problems
  152. [2e OOC] Victory Legion (OOC- On Hiatus)
  153. My absence
  154. [3e OOC] Neotropolis (OOC forum for Nobody Be a Hero and Director's Cut)
  155. [3e OOC] Freedom's Reach: A Fantasy Superhero Setting (Recruiting Closed)
  156. [2e IC] Victory Legion! Ch. 2: Tomb of the Ancients-
  157. My absense
  158. [3e IC] Extreme Unction (completed)
  159. Stargate Program Game Idea
  160. [3e IC] Neotropolis: Nobody Be a Hero! Sun Morning
  161. [2e OOC] Take Back The Night (cancelled)
  162. [3e OOC] Valor Unlimited (Full)
  163. [3e OOC] My Velociraptor Ate My Homework (Full)
  164. [3e IC] World Moved On (Full): Chapter 5, the Dark Tower
  165. [3e OOC] World Moved On (Full)
  166. [3e IC] Freedom's Reach: Prologue
  167. [3e IC] Injustice Gods Among Us: Aftermath #1
  168. [3e IC] Valor Unlimited (Full)
  169. [3e OOC] Slayer's Scoobies [Cancelled]
  170. [3e OOC] Mystic Troubleshooters (Cancelled)
  171. [2e OOC] Game Requests
  172. [2e IC] Take Back The Night
  173. [3e OOC] The Obelisk of Eternity (closed, iIMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT)
  174. [3e IC] My Velociraptor Ate My Homework (Full)
  175. Thread count: A Place for Ongoing and Recruiting Games
  176. [3e OOC] Goldmax's Freedom City Fighters
  177. [3e OOC] Age of Set
  178. Going Rogue: (OOC)
  179. [3e IC] Mystic Troubleshooters: A Gathering of 7
  180. [3e IC] Freedom City Fighters: Episode 1
  181. [3e OOC] Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood (CANCELLED!)
  182. Going Rogue: Overrun
  183. [3e IC] Neotropolis Tales: Director's Cut
  184. [2e OOC] DCAU Multiverse (canceled)
  185. Jemal's back
  186. [3e IC] Crinoverse: Heroes Go Hollywood - Escape From TGRI!
  187. Shadowrun in M&M
  188. [3e OOC] Gunslingers and Vampires, Oh My! (Closed)
  189. Gunslingers and Vampires: Monster Hunting in the Old West (IC)
  190. Murder of Crows Recruiting (3E) Failure
  191. Hello (again)
  192. [2e OOC] Rise From Your Grave (cancelled)
  193. Back from the Shadows
  194. Interest Check: Pro-active Sandbox
  195. Looking for a traditional superhero game (3e)
  196. [3e OOC] Solstice (3e Closed to New Interest)
  197. [3e OOC] Twin Forks Defenders (OOC)
  198. What Do Players Want? [Closed]
  199. What Do Players Want II![Closed]
  200. [3e OOC] Crinoverse: Honnounji Academy, Class 1-C OOC Thread
  201. Heroes of Starlight Bay (Recruiting;3e)
  202. [3e OOC] The Merge 3E (Recruitment closed)
  203. Seasons Greetings & Happy Holidays!
  204. [3e IC] Twin Forks Defenders: Episode Two (New Kids on the Block)
  205. Second or Third? [Closed]
  206. [2e OOC] Protectors of the Night (OOC)
  207. Stress factor!!!
  208. [3e OOC] Stronghold [OOC]
  209. [3e OOC] Pokemon: Back to Basics (OOC)
  210. I escaped the holidays.
  211. [3e OOC] Dungeons and Masterminds (Closed)
  212. [3e Recruitment] The Final Ten
  213. [2e] Champions of Reality [OOC]
  214. [3e OOC] The Final Ten
  215. [3e IC] The Final Ten
  216. [3e IC] Gaming w/Jemal: Solstice IC (Chapter 1: Brand New Day)
  217. Game Idea/Interest Check
  218. [3e IC] Pokemon: Back to Basics
  219. [3e IC] The Merge: Prologue to Annihilation
  220. Game longevity on this board (looking for advice)
  221. Edit: Wrong Forum^^
  222. [3e OOC] Avatar: A New Era
  223. [3e OOC] Gaming w/Jemal: Operation Phoenix (Recruiting Done. OOC thread)
  224. [3e IC] Crinoverse: Honnounji Academy, Class 1-C
  225. [MM2e] The New Avengers Movie.....recruiting..
  226. Heroes of Starlight Bay (IC)
  227. [3e OOC] The Ruin (Horror) (Recruitment closed)
  228. [3e IC] Stronghold: Revenge of the Taas
  229. Update/Apologies
  230. Game Musings
  231. [2e] Champions of Reality: Queen of Rot [IC]
  232. dice rolling
  233. [2e OOC] Misfits of the New World, Redeux
  234. [3e IC] Gaming w/Jemal: Operation Phoenix IC (Chapter 1)
  235. Pokemon: Looking for a GM
  236. [3e OOC] Origin of Heroes (Closed)
  237. [3e IC] The Ruin
  238. Crinoverse: Sentinels Worldwide (OOC)
  239. [2e IC] Protectors of the Night (IC)
  240. [3E] [IC] Origin of Heroes - Act 1 - Beginnings
  241. Interest Thread [3rd Edition, PL 8-10]
  242. [3e OOC] The Mystery of Stonebrook(OOC)
  243. Crinoverse: Sentinels Worldwide #3-To The North
  244. The Gate Keepers [3e, Recuiting/OOC]
  245. [3e IC] The Mystery of Stonebrook(IC)
  246. [3e OOC] (JLA) Justice League: Academy
  247. [3e OOC] Heroes Without Borders ( Game Cancelled)
  248. [3e OOC] Interest Check: Sci Fi (3e)
  249. Gaming W/Jemal: Star Drift 2 (Recruiting:Discussion phase)
  250. [3e IC] Heroes Without Borders: (Game Cancelled)