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  1. Tales of the Thorpacoverse
  2. THE AFFILIATION: ira deorum (Chapter III)
  3. Meetings in the Black, From the catsi563 Star Wars Universe
  4. Steel City
  5. Stories of the Betterverse: Start Spreading the News
  6. From the Case Files of Justin Tempest
  7. Game Quotations
  8. Ghost Town: An Emerald City Adventure
  9. Unfortunate Random Encounter
  10. La Main de Dieu Down the Rabbithole
  12. Echo City: The Alliance
  13. Oubliette-N: Homo Homini Lupus, Chapter Seven
  14. A Fistful of Nazis
  15. Brave New World Anthology: Reality Stars
  16. Spyder Stories
  17. Tales of the M.A.D.lands-
  18. Huntsman: Side Stories
  19. "Let's Get This Straight, You're The Sidekick!"
  20. The Ballad of the Titan City Unconventionals
  21. Sentinals (Working title)
  22. The Many Noodly Adventures of Agrippina (Aggie) Edwige Heterodyne. In No particular order or reason
  23. Agents of UNET
  24. Daemonprince's Defenders of Freedom
  25. How to make 4 PL 12 Villains not seem so tough.
  26. the dead have risen and the world has forever changed
  27. Emerald City Knights
  28. NEW VINDICATORS: Tabula Rasa #3 (Parts I-III)
  29. Danger Squad!
  30. Crisis in Christmas Highlights! [Slight Module Spoilers]
  31. OUBLIETTE-216: Executives and Empowered
  32. Conners Crew
  33. The bombastic princess issue #1
  34. deleted
  35. A question
  36. Tales of the Forever Tree
  37. Character Prompts
  38. Your saddest session of M&M
  39. Best Villains in your Campaigns
  40. Astonishng tales: issue 1 welcome to the jungle
  41. Astonishing tales: issue 2 sweet dreams
  42. DC Universe - Next Generation
  43. DC Heroes: Next Generation
  44. [2E] Heroes of Siaga
  45. War of the Dimensions
  46. BackHouse Stories
  47. Balance Of Power.
  48. The Big, Tough, Greek Playmate
  49. Tales of the Merged Universe
  50. Die Hard with a Champions twist