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  1. The Mighty Atom's OC Builds!
  2. Tatsuie's Characters
  3. Mister B's Character Vault (Pdf files of conversion projects)
  4. Paulo's PC Palooza!
  5. Need help finding a particular build.
  6. Radiation Containment Suit? (2e)
  7. Midajah's Machinations
  8. Would like help building a Homoculus character
  9. New Mutants in San Fran: Roll Call
  10. Character Help
  11. DanielLC's builds
  12. The Called - A British M&M Superteam
  13. BARON's M&M Creations: Suicide Squad (spoiler) discussion...
  14. PL10 Saitama (One-Punch Man)
  15. First Build! MedicaMage & Belladonna
  16. Character Advancement Advice
  17. J-Mart: New Project - No Replies Yet Please
  18. Vim, Mutant Master Of Biokinesis
  19. Matches' Little Shop of Builds!
  20. Dragon's Bookshelf: All-American Girl (Icons)
  21. The World of the Legion of Vigilance
  22. Stat this!
  23. Consular's Conversions: Optimus Prime
  24. Cheranors Studio
  25. Monks Build box, critisism requested
  26. Assistance Appreciated
  27. Kaulu's M&M 3e Characters
  28. Writeups.org -- M&M stats discussion, repository and pub
  29. "Unknown" Anti-Hero & Ideas needed
  30. HOTWAB Characters
  31. Cure Black/Cure White
  32. no skill builds (with skills, but with no skill)
  33. Test Build (looking for feedback!) The Pattern Master
  34. Player's New Character - The Magic Thief
  35. Featured: Dr. Qualia
  36. Silvercat's Solo Game Builds
  37. DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS: THE NEW GENERATION (as in the 80s D&D cartoon, not the tabletop)
  38. Ronyons Lair
  39. Samus Aran
  40. Aeon(Custom)
  41. Seven-headed dragon based on Leviathan from the book of Job
  42. The Wonderful world of Toho : Frankenstein's monster
  43. Kaostym's Character Post O'rama
  44. Builds by a Geek
  45. An Invisible Power
  46. Gallery of Glyph
  47. VLAD-Alexander Rossovich
  48. First Character Creation - Monkey D Luffy (One piece)
  49. Someplace to put the people (mostly M&M3)
  50. Us as Supers campaign
  51. Miraculous Ladybug Builds (From me)
  52. Endrance's Heroes (A character thread)
  53. Jemal's builds
  54. Original Creations - Comments Welcomed
  55. Onion Bubs creates characters and puts them here
  56. DeusPravus Original Character Builds
  57. In which Ysariel's Characters and Builds are catalogued, with Notes, Prose and assorted Miscelleany
  58. Kenn's Kache of Kharacters (assorted RCU folks, Capt. Marvel, Goldar, Superman)
  59. Mal's got character(s)
  60. The T-Verse (Earth 75)
  61. Classic Corner (2E) One-Shots: The Lizard
  62. Superpower Hour (#2: Perfect Defense)
  63. Designs of the Demiurge
  64. Penny's 2e Build Party - Golden Tiger
  65. Cosmic player's hand book pl x1.
  66. Catverse Builds: The Scintillating Snake-girl
  67. Making a "Tech Ghost"
  68. Creating a Foglio-style Spark
  69. SparkyBucky A.K.A Boondoggle Jacknife
  70. The Sound of My Eyebeams: JDRook's builds and blather
  71. Build HELP: Dragon Rider Hero
  72. Respawn PL 10
  73. Mojo, Red King, Vera Black
  74. 3e builds I'm looking for
  75. Build Help: Mechamorph
  76. Overpowered builds.
  77. Optimusprimieval's 150s
  78. New player, starting characters validation
  79. Power-Glove's Handful.
  80. Kozmin,The Cosmic Man
  81. WoW Druid
  82. Pulp Heroes: The Sentinel Society
  83. My werewolves are different
  84. The SHIELD
  85. Uncanny originals
  86. wulfgar187's builds
  87. Wonderous Man
  88. The Blameverse Builds
  89. Crashverse Roster: Take Refuge!
  90. Peace, the Amazon Mercenary
  91. 3e help needed with Robotech: The Masters Mecha
  92. Creating Foglio-type Sparks (2nd Edition style)
  93. Rayn Krahl
  94. Batman's various battle armors?
  95. Builds on the Sun (Pistolero)
  96. Aria's Inner Sphere - Characters Build Storage
  97. RMD's R&D
  98. The Complete Buffyverse 3E, Willow added, up next Angel
  99. John Cribati's Builds (Mostly OC's)
  100. Imaginary Character
  101. Owen Zastava Pitt, professional Monster Hunter
  102. [D'Angelo's Builds] Boku no Hero Academia - Update: Lida Tenya's Build
  103. Made my first M&M build: Tornado Of Terror, Tatsumaki!
  104. Robo-Soldier Basic Kit
  105. How would you build a Polymathic character?
  106. Spirit of the City - looking for ideas
  107. Beginner Characters (i.e. Fixing the book's Character Archetypes) - Community Effort?
  108. [2E] Build Advice, PL7
  109. Ed Garfield, AKA Lorekeeper
  110. [2E] Rogues Roster
  111. Characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
  112. Future Badass Adaptation
  113. JeminiZero's Build Attempts
  114. Advice for concept
  115. Bothrops' Pit
  116. The New All-Star Squadron - NPC Teammates and Enemies
  117. The Spark of Genius (or Insanity, Depending On One's POV)
  118. The Puppetman
  119. Melanthius the Flamebringer!
  120. Adrian Toomes, The Vulture (from Spider-Man Homecoming)
  121. Can you help me choose my archetype? Please?
  122. Hieronymus the Modern Day Mutant Eternal Powerhouse Warrior (Critique?)
  123. Rick Sanchez
  124. Jackthegiantkiller's Original Characters
  125. New player to M&M 3e! Can I get some help with my character?
  126. Builds from Accounting (Infinity War Update)
  127. Experimental Soldier Variants
  128. Appropriate gear for an Ace Pilot
  129. Bluend characters and Builds
  130. Dodgson's Builds
  131. How's this for a modern pulp character (2nd Edition)?
  132. 360 vision?
  133. Looking for help
  134. TF1Wayfarer's Original Character Builds
  135. Living pocket dimension character critique needed
  136. I've Noticed a Lot of Relatively Weak Builds
  137. Would anyone help me with my concept?
  138. Mister CD's Builds: Dove, Atlas, The Walking Tank(!)
  139. jmucchiello's characters
  140. Iron Age
  141. Noob Looking For Feedback on a Build
  142. Looking for suggestions for building Guyver characters
  143. Memory Steal Power
  144. Sckribe: Oozewill/Biological Entity 4105-NBP: "Empathetic Ooze"
  145. Ysariel's Campaign NPC's
  146. Suffering from mild artists' block
  147. Batman Crimson Mist
  148. First attempt at making characters (The Silhouette)
  149. First attempt at a villain (Pathos)
  150. First attempt at original concept character (Lyta)
  151. Second Attempt Original Concept: Marshall
  152. WAIFU WARZ | Squirrelly's Build Emporium
  153. Lupercal's (with all credit to Taliesin) Marvel Builds
  154. My Junk Drawer of Builds.
  155. Anything I need to know about making characters before I post here?
  156. Alternate Universe Character-Building Exercise
  157. *Duplicate post - Please delete*
  158. New GM, wanting to make sure I'm doing this right!
  159. pawsplay's Super Originals
  160. Populating a world created by someone called "Skunkheart" (that's me!)
  161. Looking for advise
  162. Power Level 10: Spacetime Surveyor
  163. School for Character Re-Creation
  164. Kaulu's "Sila-Verse" Collection (now: Velarra)
  165. Meta-4
  166. The Marvelous Mightyverse