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  1. The All New Amazing Superior Thorpocaverse!
  2. The Crinoverse 4
  3. The Mightyverse!
  4. Halt Evil Doer!
  5. Kenseido Freedomverse
  6. Ysariel's Settings & House Rules
  7. The Catsiverse: Heroes Unlimited setting
  8. The Romverse 2.0
  9. The Betterverse
  10. The Mean Streets of Magic and Other Extraordinary Thinggs
  11. Glowverse
  12. BSDQ Multiverse 1: Heroic Renaissance
  13. Megaverse: The Animated Series
  14. Mister B's Realms of Fantasy
  15. Bladeverse
  16. The Possibility Plague
  17. The Nobleverse Mu
  18. My Worlds of Freedom
  19. Rock City Blues
  20. Catnapverse Freedom 3
  21. Power Struggle: A World by Articulate_Tony
  22. Mind MGMT
  23. The Algernonverse
  24. Dawn of Time - idea for a setting
  25. Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac
  26. The Freedom TV and Movieverse
  27. Middleverse - Freedom City edition
  28. The Nanoknights from Worlds of Freedom - Parrallel world versions of the Star Knights?
  29. Marvel Ultimate Sourcebook
  30. Do the Emerald City PDFs come with Herolab files?
  31. Steampunk Superheroes (Buck's players steer clear!)
  32. Pacific City (A Dungeoncraft Hack)
  33. Into the Shadows - A modern world of superspies, martial arts and the supernatural. IDEAS NEEDED!
  34. Cat Age --- Fur Scene 3 (The Amazing Spider-Cat)
  35. Dreamking's version of the Freedom's Reach Setting
  36. Batgirl III's Cape City
  37. X-men type group in the M&M Universe
  38. I need a Alien Race that does Genetic Experimentation
  39. Threat Report Question-Dakuwanga
  40. Emerald City Hekawi Tribe...
  41. Exalted using the Mutants and Masterminds Rules
  42. A Superheroic-Pulp World of Freedom
  43. Confed Space SF Setting (And generic SF houserules)
  44. Dreamking's Setting Seed for Mugen No Odyssey
  45. The savage world of winterwier!
  46. Your Expies/Pastiches/Homages
  47. Pokemon Guide
  48. The Unnamed Superhero Universe
  49. Vigilance Press Plot Seed Thread
  50. My unofficial additions to Vigilance Press' Beacon City campaing world
  51. Omega?
  52. Syndicate City
  53. Supernatural Paragons setting
  54. The World of Antharia: A high fantasy super's campaign.
  55. Campaign Assistance
  56. Modules suggestions?
  57. Avatar: A New Era
  58. Infinite Crisis fleshed out?
  59. Multiversity Guide Book
  60. Testing the Waters for Interest. [Custom Setting Inside.]
  61. Age of Wonders Excelsior!
  62. The Tribute Universe Plot Seed Thread
  63. Whatever Happened to META-4?
  64. Dust of Glories Past
  65. A World About To Break -- Pathfinder Mythic
  66. Homage & Deconstruction: The Drew-niverse
  67. Tales of the Broken Clan (Post-Apocalyptic Science Fantasy Supers)
  68. Tree-Earth (SHIELD Special Investigations)
  69. AEGIS classifications of metahumans
  70. Incarceration in a mundane-tech early Paragons world
  71. Unified: A Magical Ladies & Lords Setting (i.e Magical Girls
  72. Secret Wars of the Wulin: My Martial Arts/Fighting Game inspired setting (input encouraged)
  73. The Blue Line. Paragons of the Hearth.
  74. Thread locked?
  75. Oubliette
  76. Shadowrun In M&M
  77. Image's Secret Identities setting
  78. Neotropolis
  79. The Rules of Supervillainy-verse
  80. Deus Ex Machina
  81. The Paragons settings thread
  82. Paragons of Freedom
  83. The Elder Scrolls Setting
  84. The Red Room universe (Esoterrorism, Eldritch Ops, and other books)
  85. My OC Universe
  86. Crenshaw's Crossoverse
  87. Very Rough Setting Idea Interest Checks
  88. Marvel's Secret Wars
  89. Ani-Earth/Earth-Ape and Zoos?
  90. Emerald City Question
  91. Emerald City Knights - Chessmen?
  92. I (Still) Hate It Here: Scope Casanova's Rough Guide to Earth-Prime
  93. Edge City 'Verse
  94. Golden Age Characters
  95. Majestic-20
  96. Drowntown
  97. The supernatural universe (darn those Winchester boys)
  98. when the supernatural game got really scary
  99. Mystic San Angelo
  100. Projet X
  101. Centurion: Pronouncation?
  102. The Green Star universe [2nd Edition]!
  103. Omega's annihillists by way of Instant Superheroes.
  104. Cosmic Oversight?
  105. The 100 Chosen: ("Amalgamated Marvel/DC" setting thread)
  106. The Merge Universe
  107. Sovereign of the Skies
  108. Men in Black & Mysteries
  109. homebrewing and would like some input
  110. Guardians of Thessaria
  111. Ideas for a M&M game set in the Wormverse?
  112. Seasons Greetings
  113. World-and-Maze: A 2e fantasy setting.
  114. Pokemon Starter Game
  115. Aberrant adaptation for 3E?
  116. The multiverse of the Forever Tree [2nd Edition!]
  117. The World of Lumen
  118. Crazy Conspiracy Theories for Earth-Prime?
  119. a campaign set in the venture bros universe
  120. Scotus
  121. Star Wars 3e conversion
  122. Welcome to the World of Pokemon!
  123. AwfulMonk's Setting notes
  124. Alternate Space Travel Rules For Science Fiction Settings
  125. Earth 16 setting
  126. Series Pitches: Settings You Want to Do But Only Have A Paragraph
  127. Gotham on Earth 27926
  128. Neat Tool for designing your own world
  129. Claremont Academy Questions
  130. MiB character creation
  131. Interest Check
  132. A Guide to the S.D.OVerse
  133. Collaborative 3e Space Opera Setting
  134. Magic: The Gathering
  135. The Seven Kingdoms (Fantasy)
  136. Trying to come up with a somewhat structured magic system for a campaign.
  137. Aftershock - Rough Setting Concept
  138. LANTERNverse
  139. Phoenix Bay Setting Compendium
  140. Quantum Catnap
  141. Name That Archetype!
  142. Universe B
  143. Golden Age Sidekicks of the Freedom-verse!
  144. Iron Age Mages & Cyborgs
  145. Freedom 'verse's Hades
  146. Transformers Adventure: Dinobots Strike Back
  147. Cthulhu Armageddon - The Weird West in a Post-Apocalypse World
  148. The Cracked Boundary - Science Fantasy Designed for High-PL Play
  149. Emerald City References
  150. Unofficial Hawkes Academy
  151. My thoughts on Emerald City.
  152. Freedom City Required Reading?
  153. Freedom City Required Reading?
  154. Silvercat's WIP
  155. Straight out of Lockdown
  156. Savage City: Welcome to the Jungle
  157. [Non-Setting] My thanks to everyone for your presence
  158. A custom robo setting
  159. Looking for a setting i once read
  160. "The Adversaries" - STREET LEVEL CAMPAIGN (Power Level 7 - Will grow to P lvl 10)
  161. Power League vs Freedom Friends
  162. Freedom City with hidden super history ?
  163. The Preservers Plague
  164. Emerald City Setting/Adventure idea: Supernatural Waste Dump
  165. Dreamking's Freedomverse (Claremont Academy Class of 2020)
  166. FirefighterSaint's Amalgamatic Mix - Now with new flavours!!!!
  167. Cyberpunk-ish setting
  168. Gottlichen (Fantasy PL 8)
  169. New SanDiego - A DC Comics Setting
  170. Diamond and Onyx
  171. A UK Campaign
  172. EARTH-Q: A custom setting
  173. Earth Prime Current Timeline
  174. Lucifer's Star (formerly Black Hole) a setting of space fleets, starfighters, and laser swords
  175. DC Adventures: EARTH-54
  176. Modern "Golden Age" Setting
  177. Emerald City Knights Plot Help
  178. Crashverse: Restraint is for other settings.
  179. The Universe of XeroKhan (a.k.a. "Earth-1025")
  180. Need character Ideas for a custom setting
  181. Sol earth: gritty post age of heroes setting
  182. Emerald City: North Shore?
  183. Earth-X - Secret World
  184. Robo-Soldier basic kit
  185. Help converting Emerald City Knights adventure into...
  186. Radium Mutts
  187. Crtique on bare bones background for Campaign Setting
  188. World of Fighting - Where justice is settled via tournaments and punching!
  189. Small group for Emerald Knights
  190. Help with New Campaign: The Yggdrasil Lanes
  191. World of Freedom 3.2 - Setting Detail
  192. Terminus After the End
  193. My Worlds of Freedom 2.0
  194. Earth-Cat, Version 9: The Super-Secret Soldier Serum Club
  195. Need name for SHADOW elite guard
  196. The New Romverse (Post-Crisis New 52 Ultimate Animated Relaunch Edition)
  197. Space Force 2010
  198. Reposting an old setting from years and years ago! Black Operations
  199. My Unofficial Additions to Sketchpad Studios Tribute Universe
  200. Seeking ideas/advice for my Emerald City Arcadia Academy campaign
  201. Chronicles of Amber
  202. The United States of Monsters - Vampires, Demons, Mages, Wolves, and more are the heroes
  203. Recurring themes with your OCs
  204. Unique
  205. World Reawakening
  206. Anybody interested in helping me brainstorm?
  207. Wild Cards: The House Of Discards.
  208. Metahuman Classification
  209. Palladium's Nightbane/Nightspawn game?
  210. A Circuit-Maximus team
  211. Batch Nine
  212. Numbers of superhumans in your worlds
  213. Welcome to Sparkworld!
  214. The Kelzud Multiverse (Kings of Valar & Terra Meta)
  215. Aliens Without Humans
  216. Workingtitleverse
  217. Hero High (and other ideas)
  218. North of Freedom: A Toronto-based Freedom-verse Setting & House Rules [M&M 2E]
  219. Freedom City's Lex Luthor Analog?
  220. Ilium 2018
  221. Introduction to the Earth Prime world?
  222. Battlesuit Variations
  223. Rogue Galaxy Year Zero