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  24. Chris Pramas Running a Blue Rose session on stream, Saturday April 8
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  49. Blue Rose: Six of Swords (Pre-Order) in the Green Ronin store!
  50. Curious about games - anyone want to post short recaps that they have run/played in?
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  64. Tulake - How big is it really?
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  68. Reconciling Aldin Nobles
  69. RRT: Walking the Royal Road, pt 2: Backstory
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  71. Paperback version... any feedback?
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  74. Striking with Objects clarification and adjusting
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  78. Can a weapon belong to two weapon groups for two different bonuses?
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  82. Plot Advice - Ramifications of a New Ruler
  83. 1st Story Arc almost over: A Summary, A Thanks to the Community+Green Ronin, and My House Rules.
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  86. Arcane talent vs regular talent?
  87. guardian specialization and the master armor talent
  88. Six of Swords
  89. any PBP groups?
  90. How well balanced is the magic in Blue Rose againat the default Fantasy Age magic?
  91. Artificer?
  92. Warrior weapon groups - are lances missing?
  93. Increase Fire Action?
  94. Blue Rose lore question: vata
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  96. City of Aldis - New book?
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  102. Has anyone read any of the Tales of Blue Rose short stories?
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  104. Still confused: Cold Shaping Fatigue test
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  111. Does anyone know what the range on the Frostbite use of Cold Shaping is?
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  121. One of my players would like to play a rhydan frog or toad. How would you do it?
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  123. Happy Wolfenoot!
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  125. Keeping an Adept prisoner?
  126. Free tie-in game pdf for Shadowtide
  127. Are all shadowspawn evil?
  128. Rules on spells under multiple talents
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  131. Aldin Calendar Poster: How do I read the lunar cycle?
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  133. Duelist, Sharpshooter, and Outrider Classes Restrictions?